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Friday, June 14, 2013

Painting Day for Joan!

My friend, Joan, is a wonderful watercolor artist...I've been wanting her to paint on fabric for quite sometime and today she came over for a play day!

I don't think I got a picture of Joan, other than her hands!  This is Joan (or her hands!) working away!!  The flower Joan painted was done free hand!!!  Geezzz...even my stick men don't look like stick men...I can imagine painting a flower free hand!!
She did wet the fabric first then started painting..hence, the grayish areas that appear on the flower petals.  We are working on a black foam pad which added to the grayish look.

Keep in mind, Joan painted this using fabric and acrylic paints!  Looks like watercolor doesn't it!
A tree drawn freehand!
And check this out!!!  Isn't it beautiful!  I printed out a picture of a flower on fabric just so Joan could get used to using some of the different paints.  She  switched between fabric and acrylic as well as adding textile medium and/or water and aloe!

I think Joan did a wonderful job on the shading!!!!   She's going to finish off the smaller flowers trying some of her watercolor paints at home along with some textile medium.  I love how she blended the colors.  I think this piece would look really nice on a canvas bag.  It's only 8 1/2" x 11" so it would fit nicely on the front of a bag.   I would love to come up with a design for Joan to paint and I would quilt!  I think it would be a very nice partnership!!


  1. I can definitely see your beautiful machine quilting enhancing a design she painted!!

  2. Oh to be able to draw and paint. Joan is very talented and her art is beautiful. Great Play Day...

  3. Oh my, lovely! She's a natural.