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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Beading or quilting??? What's a girl to do!

Before I get into my current hand work's Kris' BD this kids and I went purchased this plant to put at the end of their driveway.  Kris loves her flowers and plants.
This used to be a brick stand that held their mail box...but last summer it was gently 'loved' by Amber's tutor...she felt really bad about backing into it and demolishing it but I think it's a perfect spot for a plant!  You can see the mailbox Darrin installed last summer...

Looks nice...I also made Kris a bracelet which is below.

I couldn't finish it off until I was sure of the size and the closure Kris wanted.  The kids said silver and that's what Kris wants.  So I'm going to add a few more rows then add the silver closure.  
Feels strange to give someone a present and take it back right away!  This pattern is from Sand Fiber  , artist, Carol Dean Sharpe.  Kris' cuff pattern is  called the Log Cabin Braid Peyote Cuff.   I lover Carol's cuff much so, I'm starting one for myself!   This one is called Dramatic Abstract Peyote cuff
Carol has a promotion that if you purchase two patterns, you'll get a third at equal or lesser value.  Her patterns are quite easy to read either by way of a graph or a word chart.  Very easy to follow!!!  
So off to do some beading then to puppy class tonight.  Kalee and I are trying to work on preparing to take the Good Canine Citizen testing.  We need this in order to take the testing for therapy dog (TDI).  

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  1. Love your planter -- that ought to protect the mailbox --lol -- second son flattened ours shortly after receiving his first dl. And he helped install the new one.

    So beading or quilting, huh? Well that's an age old question. Let me know if you figure out the answer. fyi -- I really like the bracelet!


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