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Thursday, June 13, 2013

12x12 finished!

 I sent off my finished 12x12 squares to the five ladies in our online challenge.  As of today, they each should have rec'd theirs, at least that's what the Post Office reported!

So here are some pictures of my process for creating the 12"x12" pieces.  I didn't take pictures of each of the six finished squares because they are all so similar you wouldn't really notice changes...although, I did use pink beads on some of the circles.
If you click here, you'll see a previous post I did on creating the mono printed fabric.   The multi colored green was quite ugly but with the mono printing it really did turn out so much better!  The purple/pinkish fabric was also enhanced by the mono printing.  I used black fabric paint and black acrylic paints (whatever was on hand) along with textile medium.  It left a really soft feel on the fabric.
I also added a double fold black strip between the two fabrics.
pieces sewn together and ready for quilting.

After quilting, I fused silk Dupioni  squares and a hand dyed cotton velveteen (circles) 

I used black thread for buttonhole stitch on the applique pieces.  Circles were then beaded using a spiral stitch.  (See first picture in this post).

So this is the finished really is square!!!  Might have something to do with the pin in the top!  Oh get the idea.

And if you notice the 'line' across the top on the right side...this was my practice/first piece I did...and of course, I cut the fabric too short so I had to add a biggie for me and as my friend said "I wouldn't have noticed it...why did you tell me.  Now all I see is the strip."  Kinda funny.

All other squares are square and no strips added!  Hope each lady likes their square!!!  It was a fun challenge!  Can't wait to post squares I get back...I did receive one already but I'm not sure if I posted on it!!!!

This was my square from Tommy (The Material Girl!) that I rec'd!!  Tommy did post on her blog the process she used for creating our squares.  You can head on over and see her process here!  


  1. Robbie......wonderful colors, textures, and of course beadwork!!!

  2. Oh Robbie you have done it again. The colors and textures and design are brilliant and beautiful. Your work really is breathtaking. Blissful Stitching Dear...

  3. Nice work Robbie! What a fun trade. What will you do with your squares?


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