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Sunday, June 23, 2013

More Play Time!

After playing with the transfer can see some of my strips here...I  made some of them into bookmarks for the kids and I...

Anyway, I watched another video on the Gelli Arts web site on mono printing using molding paste.  Well, again, I didn't have any molding paste so I used the next best thing I had...which was Wood Icing!   I bought this product two years ago in Florida...can't remember what I used it for but I did...guess I need to research on my own blog!

Here are two of the printing canvas pieces I made.

I used  stencils I purchased from Mary Beth Shaw's website, Stencil Girl Products.  I love these stencils and use them a lot.

Of course this is my most favorite one!!  Aren't the wheels/circles great!!!

The background fabric is from my Dr. Seuss quilt (which I'll be posting the finished piece tomorrow with Zachary finally at home!).

I used some metallic gold and black fabric paint for this print.

This one was printed with just a blue fabric paint.  Love the circles!

This was printed using the first stencil...didn't get much definition but I loved the colors in this one.  Again, I used some gold, black and blue!  Had to use up the paint that was left.

I loved the blue on the black cotton sateen so I cut some fat quarters and got out my DeColorant/blue.   Using my wonderful themrofax screens made by Sally, from Sally's Stuff (we did a trade - I made her a cuff bracelet and she made me the screens!).
Anyway, here's my fabric!  I love this fabric too...I think I'm in a black and blue mood!!!

Love these colors together!  Now to figure out what I'll use them for!!  I'm sure something is calling!


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