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Monday, June 17, 2013

Just a knitting review! Who knew!

Oh, yes...I am so multi talented!  I also do book reviews!  Actually, I have done several book reviews on my blog (here & here & here - just to name a few!) so guess this isn't that far fetched...except, this is the first I've done on knitting!
Cielo Shell

I was sent a link for an Ebook that featured three easy patterns for lace  knitting and asked to review the patterns.  So I  downloaded the patterns and read through each of them this weekend.  The patterns are from the Love of Knitting magazine and you too! can download them for free, just go to the web site here.   I wasn't aware of the Love of Knitting magazine, even though I've purchased a few knitting magazines (& subscriptions!) in my lifetime.  Yea, right...just a few!
Just looking at their web site had me at "hello"!  There are some really interesting categories from 'free knitting patterns' to a really nice 'yarn guide'.  The yarn guide shows different yarns, along with a picture of the yarn knitted up...which is something I really like.  Appears this is something that's in their magazine as well.  Of course, they've peaked my interest so I just might have to check out the magazine!!
But I digress.....I love this shell pattern doesn't appear that difficult  and  if you're just beginning to venture from your basic knit 1- purl 1 patterns, this would be perfect to attempt.  I would add sleeves on it just because I don't like sleeveless but that's just me...ok, I'm an old lady with bat wings!  And I do like the  cowl collar.  Really cute!  I might keep this pattern for the fall (appears it's the only time I usually knit).
Espalier Wrap

The next pattern is a wrap, which is quite pretty has a charts for the pattern(s).  I don't do well reading charts but if you do, this is really a pretty I guess you could say it's for more advanced knitters??  Or at least for folks who can read charts.  I know...I know...I read charts for my loom peyote patterns...I've just never done any knitting from a chart.  Gee...wonder if they have a 'reading chart'  tutorial on the Love of Knitting website!  I might have to check that out!  Or maybe suggest it???

Lace Linen Trim

Now this 3rd pattern I thought was clever...and if you're a novice knitter, it would be a perfect way to attempt some lace knitting!  It's only 15 stitches on the widest row so not a lot of stitches to keep track of for a beginner!  When finished you can attach to a pillowcase of other linen.  I'm not sure how well it would wash up!  Maybe it's for decorative use and not for pillow fights or every day use!  Heck, you could add to a sweat shirt, as long as you don't sweat alot and have to wash it every time you wear it!  Again, what a great way to practice lace work...very easy pattern to follow.  You could even knit a length up to cover a ring pillow for a wedding gift...I'm sure there are several uses if you made up a strip or two! 
So if any of these interest you, just download the patterns (here)...and do stop by the web site to take a peak at what the magazine offers as well as offers on their web site.  I'm off to look up 'how to read a knitted chart pattern'!

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  1. My my you really are multi-talented my dear. Knitting in the cooler Fall is a good time. I cannot imagine knitting this lovely lace look. Blissful...


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