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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Fun day of beading, food and (most important!) friends!

I had so much fun yesterday!  My buddy, Joan, and I took a Kumihimo class at Beadin' Mon!    And as it turned out, two of my buddies from years ago also took the class!  Here we are after class enjoying, yes!, a margarita and Mexican dinner.  Joan was kind enough to take our picture!

From left to right,  you know who!, Christine (ck out her blog, Brewed Adornments!  You will be amazed at her work!!) and my bud, Sue (I used to work with Sue when we were with EDS!). Sue and Christine were also quilters  and we belonged/started a group called, The Postal, we didn't shoot anyone!  We were all in different states (on and off), and each year or so we would have a round robin.  We had to to mail our quilt rows/whatever to each other.  Hence, the name "postal quilters"..clever, right!  OK, we thought so!

Anyway, I'll have to post some of our quilts we did as a group!  I forgot to bring my photo album for us to look back on but hope to meet up with the two of them again SOON and I'll make sure to bring it then!

So back to our class....Patty Ahlstrom was our instructor and we also had the pleasure of Mary (don't know her last name!) to guide us!  Joan ended up finishing her bracelet first!!!  She even started another one but the yarn she cut was too small so she's going to make a key fob!

I'm having a tad bit of problem getting pics to go where I want so this  post may be a tad confusing!  I wanted to make a 3 wrap bracelet so I had to make my piece the size of a necklace.  It worked out perfectly!  Plus, I can wear as a necklace or bracelet!  Two for one!  You know how I love my TWO FOR ONE's!   Oh, I used my Suede yarn instead of the regular braid used for Kuihimo.
Joan getting instruction from Patty
Joan's bracelet closure w/charm
Joan's bracelet - it's really for her grand daughter.
Some of our supplies
Another bracelet one of the ladies made
Christine's - her closure was SO cool!  I didn't get a shot of it! Darn
This is my large piece
I wanted a 3 wrap bracelet

Sue's red/white/blue (rt) and another one she made at home!  

All in all it was a great day.  The four of us had dinner at one of the local Mexican restaurants...yes, I also ate Mexican with my buddy, Alice, on Friday...what can I say...I love Mexican and margarita's so a gal has to do what a gal has to do!  I'll suffer for my friends!!

This last picture (of food!) is from the lunch with Alice...and yes, that is a glass of margarita's you see...but it was tiny!!!  Really tiny!!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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