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Sunday, May 16, 2021

New Due Date for T-Shirt Quilt!

 What was I thinking....guess I wasn't...I thought Nick's graduation was the 27th of this month...well, it's not!  It's the 20th, which is this coming Thursday!  So guess what this old grandma has been doing!  Yep...freaking out first off, then sewing my little heart out!  It's coming along really well, but quite time consuming.  

I had to move the largest cutting mat to the dining room table.  I'm triming each of the panels in this picture.

This is the back of each panel, which is the back of the quilt.  So far, the length is 82" and I'm not sure how wide as I haven't measured each panel.  I think the outside panels are around 18" and each remaining panel is around 14" but I'm not certain...close enough, right!

This is the real struggle for me...holding the quilt while I attach the strips to join each panel. is SO heavy and awkward but thank goodness, I'm not quilting the whole quilt and instead quilted each panel, which was a piece of cake.  

Hard to tell what this is...the darker gray area on the left is actually part of the back of one panel.  The white/gray is the attic window and where that little safety pin is at is actually holding the top strip which will be sewn to the panel.  Clear now!  HA
This QAYG method is WONDERFUL, especially for heavy quilts, although I've used it even on smaller ones.  You can see tutorials by Marianne over at The Quilting Edge.  I have a post from 2013 where I used this same process, which you can see here.
And so far I have 3 panels sewn...I only took a picture when I had two sewn together....whew...It took me about two hours just to attach these panels.  

Monday, girls have their dog spa day so I'll drop them off and come home to work on the quilt.  Thursday is right around the corner!

On another note, hubby starts his radiation treatments on Monday.  He has to have 3 weeks/15 treatments but no chemo for his cancer, which is a relief.  Once his treatment is finished, he will have another PET scan 8 weeks after his last radiation treatment, to see if the cancer is gone or still there.  Other than Bob having to miss golf because he can't schedule radiation and golf!, he's handling this so well.  Better than I would have thought.  So far so good...thanks for all the good wishes and prayers.  We are so lucky!


  1. My goodness you have a lot to get done by Thursday! I can remember making one quilt with the quilt as you go method and I did not enjoy the process, but it is a good way of putting together a large heavy quilt. It is coming along and I am sure Nick will love it! For some weird reason your email address is not coming up when you comment on my blog so my workaround is to comment back here! There is always a way! LOL!! I wish your husband all the best with his treatments. I remember when my Mom had radiation treatments they told her to put olive oil on her skin to help with the skin burn. That was 30 years ago so I am not sure that would still be a standard medical practice. Now get to work!

  2. Uh oh!! That's a whole week you lost in the timing of this quilt project. Your head must have been spinning. The good news is QAYG means done is done. Hooray for that. But yes, T-shirt quilts are so heavy and awkward to handle. You'll be done, but exhausted! Best to Bob for his radiation. We are lifting him in prayer each day.

  3. Oh Robbie I almost giggled reading your freak out….and understand it so well….but you pulled up your big girl panties and forged ahead. Sounds like Bob has his big boy pants on too…….good luck with your project….and best wishes to Bob for a quick recovery!

  4. I hope Bob's radiation goes smoothly without too much discomfort. That quilt will be a real treasure once it's done!


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