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Sunday, May 9, 2021

Mother's Day 2021!

 Mother's Day always makes me stop and think about my role as a mom or 'mum' (as I called my mum and what my kids call me).  I had my babies starting at age 19 3/4, which by so called  today  'standards' is quite young.  We never had a book to read, other than Dr. Spock's Baby & Child Care, on what we should do or not do or who to think about, being so young to have a baby, we only think of ourselves.  I know as a 'mom' there were events in my life that I should have done better, been there more for my kids and not thought about what I may have wanted.  But that's being immature, right. A baby raising babies is what that time was for me....I have hoped that my daughter and son have realized I did the best I could and as I matured tried to be there for them and support them in their lives as a daughter, son,  aunt and dad.  They have always had the best support system around them with other family members and I have always been and always will be so proud of the adults they have become.  I love my kids and extended family so much and I honestly feel so blessed to have them and I appreciate them so much.  Today is another example of my wonderful family and how generous they are.

Finally, a family get together with my kids!  Our first since Christmas 2019!!  Yep, the first we have all been together...yes, the girls have been up to drop off food for special occasions and we've been to the kids house to pick up food as we waited in their driveway, which was funny!  But to finally be together again all in one room!  I almost just wanted to sit back and watch everyone!!!  

Our son-in law grilling the BEST bacon!!

Dawn always puts on a spread that can rival any restaurant brunch!

The fruit salad was's just fruit, right, but this dish was amazing!

And check out those chocolate covered strawberries!  And Amber made some 'special' soaked strawberries, which were REALLY good!

Dawn made her famous overnight french bread, quiche and Jeff's grilled bacon is to die for!

Scrambled eggs on the left and hash brown potatoes on the right!

My boys!!!!  Nick, Darrin, Bob and Jeff!  

Nick's out of school now (graduation is May 27th) and he'll be starting his summer landscape job again.  They still have about 5 more Lacrosse games left to play.  They lost to Grand Blanc this past Saturday but Nick scored 3 goals!  So proud of Nick for the young man he has become.

So excited Amber made it home from college and she brought her room mate, Kristin, with her.  What a delightful young lady!  She is also on the Lacrosse team with Amber and majoring in Biology.  Amber has two interviews for a summer job this week!  She is such a lovely, mature young lady!  And so thoughtful of everyone else.  At her age of 21,  I was pregnant with my 2nd baby!

And my girls!!!  Dawn, Amber and Kris!  Who could ask for a better daughter, grand daughter and daughter in-law!!!  
                               MY FAMILY!  FINALLY TOGETHER AFTER ALL THIS TIME!!!!

My grand babies!!!  And to think at one time this young man and young lady would sit on my lap, drinking their bottle or taking a nap!  Now grandma can sit on their lap!

And possibly be feeding me at some point later in my life!!

I had to put this 2nd picture in....just love that look!  Nick and I seem to make some faces when we get our picture taken.  My kids are always telling me to open my eyes and I say "but they are open"! 

And these are some of the leftovers we brought home!!!!  Oh yum!!!

Dawn gave me flowers for my table and the bath salt body wash is from Nick and Darrin!

Kris got me this beautiful Mandevilla plant!  I had one of these years and years ago, which I would bring into the house each fall/winter and put back out in the spring...until we started to go to Florida...then all my plants hoo...but now I'll have another beautiful plant to take care of!!  It's staying in the garage for the time being because we are still having 30 degree mornings!

My daughter also gave me this beautiful hanging plant!!!  I need one for the front porch but, again, it will stay in our garage for a few more days!!!  Michigan weather you know!

And I love this card from my daughter!!!!

Inside of the card!  There's always a discussion in families about this...I do think it is a hoot!  

Thank you kids for a wonderful day together and for all the love you show this old 'mum'......

And look at the Herb Garden Bob's son and wife sent me for Mother's Day!  How adorable is this!  I did post of FB and commented about never having 'fresh' herbs for recipes.  I always feel guilty about using dried herbs! more feeling guilty for a few months, at least!  Thanks MaryJo and Ron!


  1. You sure had a wonderful Mother's Day! The food looks amazing!

  2. So glad the family could get together at last, it's always my favourite time. Love that card too!

  3. I can feel your joy...what a wonderful reunion. I was with my daughter and granddaughter, son in law....been such a long time since we've hugged and been so close...the feeling is just indescribable. So happy it was such a wonderful Mother's Day for you....think we've all earned this joy!

  4. How nice it is to read all about your family. Plus the joy of being together again!

  5. How wonderful that you could all be together for Mother's Day! And that food looks pretty darn good!


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