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Saturday, May 1, 2021

T-Shirt Progress

 Yes, this is my life right now...working on Nick's quilt but I am enjoying the process...once I got the math issue out of the way!  

I'm securing each seam by stitching in the ditch.  Once all five panels have this stitching finished, then I can start some free motion quilting on each T-Shirt.

I'm thinking I'll start with one color thread, yellow for example, then free motion each yellow block on each panel.  Then I'll get out some green thread and start quilting all the green blocks, etc., etc.

There are lots of dark blocks but also some green, red, yellow and even orange.  I'll just use dark navy for these blocks.

This was taken February 2018!  I just love this kid so much....anyway, I'm putting this picture on the back with my label.  

I'm adding some other pictures from this year's Lacrosse season on the back of three panels.  I should be able to place them in areas where the stitching will be at a minimum.  

To transfer the colored pictures on the gray or black fabric, I ordered Iron On  Dark T-shirt photo transfer paper.  I've mentioned on my blog before this particular photo transfer paper that I love but it's for use on light or white fabric.  This is the link for the light transfer paper.

It's hard to see but that picture was ironed onto the gray fabric, which you can see around the white edges.   I'm using gray and black for some of the backing on the panels.  I'm happy with how the photo transferred to the fabric.  No, I'm not using T-shirt fabric for the backing.  Just 100% cotton, but this paper works great on cotton.

It's hard to see my label on the left...I wrote:  "may you always have the courage to take a chance"  Love Grandma Robbie  

I'll be putting the 'action' picture of Nick from one of his Lacrosse games as well as his Lacrosse team for 2021 on panels.

So, this will be my weekend finish securing two more panels and then start the free motion work!  Needs to be finished the 3rd week in May!  Yikes!


  1. This quilt is going to have it all! Beautifully and lovingly done.

  2. I am glad you got all the math issues resolved and are now on to the quilting. I got the backing for the one I am working on. It is washed and now I need to get it pressed so I can start pin basting it. I need to have mine done by the third week of June.


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