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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

So now what should I do! LOTS!

 It feels so strange that I don't have a project hanging over my head!  My friends know I do not like target dates at all.  So, I've been doing some spring cleaning - finished master bedroom, master bath and my sewing room!  Feels so good to walk in the sewing room and start looking at a new or old project to work on!  Actually, I did some sewing for Bob (shortened a pair of pants) and now playing with one of my art pieces from Hilary's online class.  I've been MIA from the lessons between life, Bob & his health issues and with making Nick's T-shirt quilt for several months.  With Bob now on a treatment plan and the T-shirt quilt finished, it's time to work on what I want when I want and the same with spring cleaning.  Still need to spring clean computer room, LR and kitchen.  Downstairs family room will be on hold until Christmas!  Works for me!

Back in January, I finished knitting the Ixia lace top.  I was happy with it but the neckline drops too close to your shoulder.  My sister made this same top and it was also an issue for her, so she gave the top to her daughter and it fits really good.  Today, I took some fine elastic and wove it through the neckline to make it a tad tighter.  I'm really happy with it now!  Hard to see in this picture and I didn't take a picture with it on, but I'll be wearing it soon and will take a pic.  You can see how the neckline looked when I finished back in January here.

I'm also back to knitting the  Lattice Lace poncho I started in March.  It's coming along but I haven't worked on it much!  It's more for fall so I should have finished sometime this summer!

It's really hard to even look at this and figure out how it will be a poncho!  My sister is also making this same pattern and we both are just "following instructions" and keeping our fingers crossed!  

And this is my latest machine stitching project....I made this collage and attached to batting a few months ago.  The leaf design was a stencil and the border is part of the reverse from the stencil.  I added the photo of the little bird from a magazine. 

I started stitching the center leaf today but I'm having some issues with the stitching not looking right.  Need to change needle, tension or thread(s).  This is what was left after I ripped out the stitching!  This print is on layout paper so you know what happens when you stitch on paper, right!  Actually, it will be a good lesson for my FMQ to follow the holes exactly once I get the tension/thread stitching as it should be!  Fingers crossed!

Tonight Nick has their 2nd championship Lacrosse game!  I am heading down to Oxford for the game.  Also, check out this link...yes, I'm proud of Nick and his team for making it to the finals!  Nick is #19 and his picture is on the front of the article.  I've saved the pdf to put in his memories book for his 21st BD!

Oxford Newspaper Lacrosse article

Bob is doing great with radiation...he had his 7th treatment today and doing well.  So happy he's being so positive and no side effects.  They really don't think he'll have anything!


  1. I'm glad to hear that Bob is doing well. You sure are busy!

  2. So glad that Bob's treatment is going well. And glad you have some time to focus on other projects now that the big quilt is finished. A good fix for your project- I can see how the wide neckline could be a fit and comfort issue. The patterns in your knits are so pretty. One thought on the paper stitching- would lengthening the stitch help? The holes look quite close together and might perforate the paper more than you'd like? You were pretty brave to remove the stitch line!

  3. That's great that Bob's treatments are going well. Good luck to Nick and his team! It sounds like you got a lot of spring cleaning done - good for you! The project you are working on is interesting and looks like a fun one! I was hoping to have some Patty time after I got the t-shirt quilt done, but it looks like family has other ideas! LOL!!


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