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Sunday, June 6, 2021

I'm still here!

We're having Florida weather this past week and suppose to continue into this coming week!  What fun...guess I'll just stay inside like I do in the winter, right!  Not a problem for me.  At least we've been having a good breeze blowing constantly...not good for Bob to fly his RC planes but at least it helps with the hot/humid weather.  

It hasn't stopped me from knitting but only later in the afternoon if out on the deck for happy hour!  HA 
12" x 12" paper collage

I also finished stitching this collage piece.  Nancy (check out her blog), one of my buds from Florida, mentioned about lengthening my stitching.  Because I was free motion quilting and I'm such a stuck in the mud, I couldn't make my stitching look decent.  The stitches were way too big.  But it was a good suggestion, Nancy!  I ended up setting my top tension down to '1'!  That seemed to take care of most of the stitching problem.

Yep, up close, you can see some of the holes where I removed the stitches.  Other than doing some hand embroidery to fill in the holes, I elected to leave well enough alone.  I have my other hand embroidery and bead project(s) to work on so I'll save my fingers for those projects! 

It's not that bad and it will end up hanging in my sewing room.  I'm not sure if I'll wrap around a canvas or just do some type of edging on the collage.
I love my Instant Pot the girls got me for Christmas a few years ago.  I ordered Jeffrey Eisner's Lighter Step By Step Instant Pot cookbook.  So many good recipes in it...I made this past dish for us last night and it was SO good!!!!  

You can take a peak at the book from your local library or go to his YouTube channel or his Facebook page!  He really has some great recipes.   Or just go and purchase one of his books.   I made his pulled pork sandwiches a few weeks ago, which was awesome!  Tasted just like smoked pork!

I have to say I'm enjoying trying all the new recipes and I don't mind not going out to eat!  Saving those big bucks too!  So I can buy more cookbooks!  Works for me!

Of course, I have to brag, again, on my grandson, Nick!  He was awarded Offensive Player of the year 2021 at the Lacrosse Awards dinner this past week.

Just more memories for his 21st BD book!  HA


  1. Love your poncho...such a beautiful pattern....In my next life I want to learn to knit!...Your new collage is wonderful; the little bird gives it the extra pop! Congrats to your grandson, a wonderful accomplishment...and thanks for the cookbook suggestion. I have an Insta pot and have never used it, don't know how and am looking for a cookbook....will check this one out!

  2. Congratulations to Nick! The collage is looking good. I hope you post a picture once you get it mounted. It has been hot here in NE Ohio and the humidity rolled in yesterday. Time to stay inside and sew!

  3. Fun reading about your productive and creative week…..and of course family successes!


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