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Saturday, June 19, 2021

What to do with all those painted papers?

 I've had lots of folks ask what I would do with all the papers I've been painting, stamping, etc. in  Hilary's MIP online class.  Well, I have shown several pieces that I've collaged, stitched/quilted and added binding.  Some other ideas Hilary has shared with us is to look at our work as 'paintings' and mount them vs finishing them off as quilts.  So I've been playing with that idea!  

I finished this small quilt not that long ago (12"x12" paper collage) and decided to attach it to an old painted canvas panel I had.  Nothing fancy but it was fun to just play with another technique!  

Now that I'm on that 'kick' I headed to JoAnn's and picked up some wrapped canvas as well as well as two 11" x 14" photo frame panels for $2 each!  

Back in 2019 we were  printing with leaves, painting, you name it!  So I had lots of papers to  quilt.   I just quilt them and cut them out to insert in photo cards to mail to friends.  The quilted piece slips into the photo frame as shown in this picture.  

This was a piece that I quilted this past weekend and I laid one of the photo frames on top of it and I liked it!

Sorta!  You'll see later in this post!

  Closeup of some quilting.

I posted on our MIP FaceBook page that because the frame was white I asked for a suggestion as to what color I should paint the background. 

Gina, one of the lady's in our group had this suggestion:
Maybe you could make marks on the white canvas with similar colours to the leaves but slightly lighter? Stitcherly marks? Or (I'm on a roll now!)cover some leaves in paint and print lightly onto the background?

So, that's what I did!  Off I went to cut  some Hosta leaves from the backyard.  Then I mixed up some paint...I couldn't remember what colors I used originally so this was trial and error!  Next was to mono print around the white frame!   I just painted the leaves and used my brayer to transfer the paint. 

I'm quite happy with the results!  Thanks, Gina for the suggestion!!!

I'm in the process of making another painted mirror frame.  I'm giving this one to my daughter since I'm using another one of her great hand painted pieces!


  1. Awesome creativity Robbie!! Love it all!

  2. Gina's idea was excellent and you carried it out beautifully! Those leaf prints are just wonderful. I've at last decided "what are you going to do with it?" is simply not the point.... we just DO.

  3. Wow!!! Just love all of these. I think we can be so keen on stitching that we forget we don’t ajways need too. Fab results Robbie xx


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