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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

TaDa! Finished!

Nick graduates on Thursday and yep, my last T-shirt quilt is finished and I'm happy with the results.  I am so excited that his class is able to have a graduation ceremony and I get to attend.  The kids only have 4 tickets and I was gifted one!  Not sure if he'll get the quilt tomorrow but I'm thinking it will be this weekend sometime when family gets together.   

This is laying on our king size bed...wider than it is longer but that's ok!

Hard to take a picture!  At Amber's open house, Darrin hung her T-shirt quilt on the wall...somehow...this bugger is really heavy so not sure how he'll hang it but hope he does!

Back of the quilt...I have a picture of Nick, his Lacrosse team for 2021 and the label.

My boy!

My label...

The team for 2021!

I did the binding in white, gray and black...turned out fine..this puppy is heavy and my right shoulder can vouch for that!  It's not easy lifting or holding a quilt to sew together with a complete rotator cuff tear!  But, hey, we did it and I hope Nick enjoys the will most likely be one of those quilts 10 years from now he'll have in his truck when moving furniture!  But he'll remember where it came from!  

Almost forgot the animation from start to finish!

And just to brag on my grandson..This is Nick's awards for sports and for continuing his athletic career at the collegiate level (Lacrosse at Lawrence Tech University) as well as graduating with cum laude honors.  Both kids have excelled with their academics all through school.  So proud of Nick and what he has accomplished and the man he is becoming.  Kudo's to you, Nick!  Love ya



  1. Congratulations to you for finishing the quilt and for Nick for all he has accomplished in school!!!

  2. Proud of you Robbie…….it’s wonderful!

  3. Congratulations for getting the quilt done in time for graduation! It turned out fabulous! I love the striped back too! And you have more quilting on yours than you give yourself credit for. Mine is a bit dense, but yours looks great and suits the quilt! I am happy with the stocking progress. I have no idea who is going to get the stocking. It was just a UFO I wanted to finish.

  4. Bravo! It’s beautiful Robbie. Hugs from TN

  5. Oh- ok, I missed this post. Which is why I asked on the graduation post. This turned our just beautifully. Good for you (and for Nick).

  6. Congratulations on finishing the quilt, it is fabulous. You are obviously a well loved grandma to get a prized ticket to the graduation.


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