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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Another visit to the Appleton Museum

I had another amazing afternoon today...Marcia,Peggy & I went to see the exhibit, Industrial Nature:  Work by Michelle  Stitzlein   at the Appleton museum.  Talk about amazing!!  If you are in the Ocala or surrounding area, do head out to the Appleton Museum to see this exhibit!  It's well worth the trip and $4 charge (if you're mature person!).  Yes, you can go to her web site to see her sculptures/art work but it doesn't compare to seeing this work in person.  Michelle uses old license plates (that's what is wrapped around this butterfly & other pieces!), old bowls, piano name it and you'll see it in her work.  She even had some old computer mouse pieces creating the curve shape in on of her butterfly's!
We kept looking closely at each piece trying to identify all the different objects Michelle uses in her art!  And you have to look closely!!!  I even found a toy gorilla in one piece!!   Plus, you don't realize the size of her artwork by just looking at the pictures.  Check out this exhibit picture on her web page to get a better perspective on how large some of these pieces are!

This next picture shows flashers, light bulbs, piano keys, etc.  to make up the art work!

In this piece, Michelle used old slide carrousel's , along with toy railroad tracks for the background!

I would love to see her work room!!!  And her supply room/shed!!!  I'm going to google to find out more about Michelle.

Again, if you're in the area, stop by the Appleton and take your time looking at each piece of Michelle's'll be amazed at what you'll see she used to create her art!!!   The exhibit is on until July 6.

 And yes, we did stop for lunch at Heart's Desire...fantastic chicken salad and of course we each had some cake!!  But we each, also, brought cake home.  We were so to see how long the cake lasts!


  1. Wow and Wow.

    Some artists really do amaze.....

  2. Seriously fun museum visit! I will try to get there to see the exhibit. Quite exciting and unique. Finally got a new project on my blog... it's been a long time.

  3. That art is pretty incredible. I never would've guessed what she used for her raw materials.

  4. Totally cool....right up my alley as I love repurposed items!


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