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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Beading like crazy!

OK, so not totally crazy...Monday Bob golfed outside the community so Kalee and I had the golf cart all to ourselves!  I started some laundry then she and I took off to the recycle bins here in the community.  Kalee loves the golf cart and loves to go to the dog park, where the bins are located.   We dropped off the papers then parked the golf cart and she sniffed her way around.  Then we rode throughout the community!
I came home and washed floors and some dusting then continued with laundry.  It was beautiful out so Kalee and I sat out in the lanai and I beaded!   Here is a closeup of what I accomplished yesterday!

You can see the progress in the two pics below...
I need to purchase some batting for Ian's quilt and some add'l fabric for the sashing/border.  I am going to attempt the GAYG each panel so I'll need a small sashing/border strip in between each panel to attach once I've quilted all panels.  I have some blue print but I think it's not right for I want to look for a more solid batik, which should look better.  
Today, Jan, Marilyn and I are headed off to lunch and maybe some shopping.  There are several unique shops downtown Ocala.  Weather is overcast but in the 60's so at least we won't sweat while walking around town!  
Kalee is at the hair dressers this a.m. and I go on Friday...Sat. and Sunday will be tooting around with Carol at the Master Garden show and the Tioga Art Festival.  Weather is suppose to be perfect in the mid 70's and no rain.  "Too busy for pin curls" as they used to say!  Not sure who 'they' are but my aunt would say this all the time!!  


  1.'s coming it's beginning to weigh a lot!!

  2. Robbie dear you and Kalee get more done in one day than I get done in an entire week. The beading on the leaf is exquisite. Beading Bliss...

  3. Had to chuckle at Kalee... so many wonderful smells near the recycling bins! Tioga show coming up already? Where does the time go??

  4. Oh Robbie! This is sooooo gorgeous! Even though we're currently heading into spring (some day, anyway), I always am a sucker for autumn colors :-)


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