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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home again

And you probably didn't even know I was gone, right!   I was busy today...did some cleaning, got dinner ready, then after shower sat out in lanai and beaded!  The top of my leaf is done!!  Woohoo!  Slow progress but it's still progress!  Oh, if you're looking for some great beading tips check out And Then We Set It On Fire!  Mary Stori, my blog buddy, did three different posts on
beading...first one is here, 2nd one here and 3rd here!  She has some great tips that any beader (or quilter/embroiderer) would use!!!

On Tuesday I headed south to Apollo Beach to help my sis and Nancy move to the next street over!  They live in a Del Webb community and the back of their current house has a wonderful view of a pond...but so does their new house which is just across the pond!
I arrived with Subway for lunch around 12:30 and by 12:45 we were moving!!!  Literally!!  My sister and Nancy had boxes packed and stacked in the garage so we started hauling them in our three SUV's to the new house!  After we unloaded, we were back for another trip of packing up the vehicles then back to the new house to unload.  My sister was busy cleaning and putting contact paper on the shelves in the kitchen.

That's my sis on the ladder!!  The new house is huge with 3 bedroom and a den; great room, dining room, living room, 2 baths, huge lanai and the view of the pond!  It's so peaceful and I'm glad they decided to stay in the same community.  They have so many friends there and it's so convenient for me to visit when we're here in the winter!  OK, so I'm being selfish...but the new house is great.

Wednesday they had the carpet tore out from the great room and are having tile installed.  It was finished by Thursday then they were installing the tile on the wall under the bar area.  They were also having painters paint the entire house!  And carpet cleaners on Thursday as well as painting the garage floor!  Talk about having to be organized!  Yikes!

This picture doesn't do this ceiling lamp justice.  It's so cool and will fit perfectly with their currently dining room set...which in itself is cool!  Nancy and my sis have a great eye for decorating.  I can't wait to see the pictures of the new furniture they are having delivered!!!  Their art work alone is so unique...

Anyway, I came home on Thursday and after unpacking, taking a shower, I was done in!  Fortunately, we went to dinner with some of our friends so I didn't have to cook!  Friday, I did three loads of laundry and made dinner but felt like I was still hit by a mack truck!  Think I overdid it slightly...but glad I was able to help my sis out!!  She would do it for me in a heartbeat, as would Nancy.

Today I felt so much better so I got all my cleaning done and after my shower I sat out in lanai and beaded...Making progress on my leaf but starting Monday, I'll be working strictly on Ian's T-shirt quilt!  It has a deadline!!!  And at the rate I'm going I still may not make the May 23rd date!!

We've had beautiful weather lately along with a wonderful breeze...we only put the AC on at night just because we don't want the windows open...OK, Bob doesn't want the windows open and to be honest, it's best with all the pollen! I have to take a Zyrtec at night as it is!  Well, off shortly for our mile walk!!  Kalee is calling!!!


  1. Wow- this was a working visit, but the new place sounds great. I'm sure your help was welcomed. The leaf is progressing and looking better and better. Thanks for the links- I love Mari's work. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Thanks for the links! You might as well find more things to do down there and stay a while. We're still in the freeze.

    I am going to work at having better skill of variegating beads. I love it and can't seem to get it right. Love your leaf.

  3. I love how the leaf is coming along! DOn't work too hard! Stay in the warmth as long as you can It is so cold up north!

  4. Aren't you the sweetest blog buddy to mention my guest posts......thank you! I've just returned from a wonderful teaching trip to TN......FABULOUS hostesses and friendly talented members.....I'm pooped and will sleep well in my own bed tonight with happy memories... PS....your leaf is looking GREAT!!!

  5. You probably did over-do yourself but for a very good reason. How nice your sister can stay in the same community. Funny she is "up-sizing" as most people "down-size.


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