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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Visit with kids in Florida!

It's spring break time and today we met up with Ron, MaryJo, Ian and his friend Zack for our annual Florida visit!   Kids stay around the Orlando/Kissimmee area each spring, which gives us an opportunity to have lunch with them.  We always appreciate them taking time out to meet with us.

We took pictures this year about half way on the pier!  Just too windy to go to the end as we usually do.

Ian and Zack are tough and didn't wear jackets or sweat shirts.  MaryJo was tough too!!!  She just had a sweater on...although, in the sun it was nice and warm...just that wind!!  Brrrrrrrrr  But beats snow doesn't it!

The weather was a little different back in 2009!!  This was taken when kids were here for spring break five year ago.  It was a hot, sunny day so we did go to the end of the pier...check out how young the boys look!  Guess we all do!  HA

 And yes, that's Bob and I today with coats on!   Zack did a good job taking pics for us!!
We had such a nice visit with the kids.  Always a lot of conversation and laughs of course!  Today it was at Bob's expense...we love to tease him....and I think Ian likes it so we don't pick on him!  It was nice to see Ian and his friend, Zack.  They are both such nice young men....

We met at a park area by the lake in Clermont where we usually have lunch but it turned out the restaurant  was closed, which worked out, since we always eat outside!  Too windy for eating out today, so off we went to San Jose's Mexican Restaurant in Clermont and had a GREAT meal!!  And I do mean a great meal.  Starting with a margarita, which was quite good, we had their chips, salsa, which is home made and very tasty!, then white cheese dip - yum....I had Flautas which were the best I've ever had!  There was so much chicken in them...usually there's too much tortilla shell and no meat but not today!  I'd drive the hour to Clermont and eat there again!  They have three locations but pretty much within the same distance from Ocala.  Probably a good thing!

Kalee is back to her normal 'self', which makes me feel better!  I sure don't like when she's sick.  Didn't get anything done today other than two dog walks so I'll have to get on with it tomorrow.  Next week is busy for me so I need to take advantage of the time I have at home to get my project(s) done!  Deadlines are approaching!!


  1. Oh Robbie how very thankful Kalee is feeling better. We feel so helpless when our fur-babies are sick. Those boys really grew up in just five years. I do not like wind or cold! Today we finally have some rain. Blissful Rain...

  2. What a nice visit you had, despite the chill wind! So glad Kalee is doing better. The restaurant looks really good- will keep it in mind.


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