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Monday, March 24, 2014

Sandwich time and an all nighter!

This afternoon I sandwiched the other five panels of Ian's T-shirt quilt.  The first panel I sandwiched was hard to do as I had to sandwich it on the floor.  Today I remembered the kitchen table has an extension in it so that worked out perfect!  The table isn't the full 72" length I needed but long enough I could baste all but 3-4" on either side.  Time consuming but so much easier then getting up and down from the floor.
Whew!  Glad those are all sandwiched and to get them quilted!!

I haven't stayed up all night with a sick baby in over 40+ years...but I did last night!!  Kalee  had another bout of her gastritis/pancreatitis last night...poor dog was so miserable....she was fine all day long but around 10 last night, she wanted outside to eat grass...this went on and off for about 45 min.   Then starting around 12:30 a.m. she wanted out again trying to eat grass and just waking around...this went on until 7 a.m....she never got sick until 4:30 a.m. but would only lay for 15-20 min. at a time.   She kept burping, licking her lips and wanting outside...I knew what it was but just don't know what set it off.  Anyway, we got to the vets this a.m. and after two shots, meds for the next 10 days and some new dog food, we are all resting.  She isn't suppose to eat until tomorrow and so far she isn't bugging me too bad.  I think we'll all sleep good tonight!!!  At least I hope so!!


  1. Thank goodness you thought of using the table. Both would kill me...the floor and bending over the table. That is why I have my chest height 5'x9' island in the studio. Perfect for me. This T-shirt quilt is looking wonderful. You'll have it done in time my dear...

  2. Great thought using the table. Gosh I feel so sorry for your little pooch. Its so hard when you can do little to make them feel better, except being there does make them feel better a little.

  3. Where there's a will, there's a way! This project is coming along, and you saved yourself getting up and down from the floor. Oh I'm so sorry about Kalee- poor little girl. Hope she improves and you all get a good night's sleep.

  4. Well, I'm sure you didn't let the kids outside to eat grass so in some respects, a dog is a bit easier in the middle of the night (but no less concerning)….but then again, we were all a bit younger during the night vigils. Hope she's on the mend and you can get a nap. Love the table runner in the previous post. Sue (still pondering the status of the blog )

  5. Glad your table worked for you because that floor work is for gymnasts not us aging artists! Sure hope Kalee's meds and your help make her all well again. It is so tough to watch our little friends suffer.


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