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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Back to work!

It's a wonder my chubby little fingers fit my keyboard! Yikes! With all the sweets we have had and still have!, it's amazing I can still type!
I'm making good progress on my butterfly and actually worked on it yesterday afternoon while my friend Carol was here. She's making her annual baby quillow for one of her grand babies! She's made one a year, with the exception of last year, for each of her four grandchildren. Some of them have received two! Carol's made a few of the fleece quilts you tie and the babies love those.

And I also finished Louise's quiltlet. I just did some free motion quilting around the piece and left the fusing as is. I like the colors and think Louise will too. If not, I'm only in Florida for four months so she can take it down the rest of the year!
Tonight, I'm doing a trunk show for one of the quilt guilds here in Ocala. Terrible, but I forget the name of the guild! Geezzz At least I have directions for where I'm going...good thing, right! Susan is coming along to be my 'Vanna White' and hold up my smaller quilts. I'm looking forward to meeting the ladies and seeing how another guild runs.
Yesterday we had rain but temps in the 60's. Kalee and I did manage to get in one walk before the rain but the rest of the time she just ran in the house! Today it's a beautiful day with sunny skies and temps suppose to be in the high 60's. Then we start back with temps in the high 70's and even a possibility of 80 one day. Perfect winter weather! Yes, I am so spoiled!! But thankful too! Enjoy your day!


  1. The quiltlet turned out great! The binding and your quilting are perfect with her hair. I'm sure it will stay hanging in the salon all year round.

    I'm looking out my office window at a blizzard right now :(

  2. Your butterfly is stunning. This quiltlet is very now with the pink and black uber chic colors. I hope you post photos of your trunk show...very exciting...

  3. The quiltlet looks wonderful. You did a great job of presenting at the guild (Country Road Quiters)! Everyone delighted with your work. Many, many thanks.


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