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Thursday, July 2, 2020

I cheated and I'm not ashamed!

We're still working on creating designs, stamps, etc. so we can do crops from our designs as well as enlarge our crops to create a collage (paper or fabric)....well, this old gal is still in the "what the heck kind of design should I make??"  So I cheated and used two stencils I had to create a design! So there!  And I'm not ashamed at all!  HA

First up I used Setacolor paint and rolled on top of the fan stencil.  Then mixed in some black with the blue paint and stenciled on top of the fan strips.

This is the first crop I did.  I'm not really finished with it...I reversed the blue/black color so I'll continue with black to fill in the fan type strips.  I think!  Who knows!

Ditto with this one too.  Still not finished but they aren't that bad...

They look good beside each other don't they??  They're only around 2 1/2" x 4".  But if I enlarge them, I think they'll make a good design...well, I can dream can't I!

I like this design too.  I can see some good crops from it as well.  Actually, I really like the leaves in this have a feeling I'll forgo above crops and concentrate on this one.  I do like geometric and leaf I need to start concentrating on that area and keep that as my theme.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


  1. I love your geometric leaf design. Definitely something to work with

  2. I like the leaves in that one, too. How big are these?

  3. Love what you are doing. WEll done you.

  4. CHEATING?? Way not…’s called creativity!


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