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Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Back to cropping!

This is a print I did with my foam stamps made a few weeks ago on layout paper (9"x12").

I never knew designing could be so difficult!  HA  This cropping, to help us develop our design work, is getting to be addicting!  I can't honestly look at a picture or a rock or a piece of wood without thinking "crop!!".  Only problem I'm not getting any better at it.  But perhaps I need to take more than five minutes while dogs are out in the yard.  I did take a few more minutes with these because I decided to color them in!   

And another print - this was on poster board.

I showed the foam stamps I made and some of the prints from those stamps (you can see that post here).   So I decided to do some cropping from some of those prints - finally...well, actually, I just found some time!

I cut out a piece of one printed sheet and put in my journal.

Nothing that exciting but I can add to it and of course put some color into it!

I forgot to turn this but it's interesting as is!  HA

I do like this one and, again, if using color in the crop, could be interesting. 

This is where I got 'fancy' and colored in some crops!  What fun!  These are only 2.5" x 3.5".

I don't have a picture of what I took this crop fact, I didn't take a picture for any of these I colored in.  I only made one crop each from different photos I found.

Fun one!  Needs more in the background.

I could see this background filled in with free motion quilting, which would bring out the leaves or points or whatever they are!  Now to make a pattern and recreate in fabric! 

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  1. Well, coloring is always fun! Are you using markers or acrylic paints? The leaf one would make a nice art quilt.


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