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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

One of my beading idols!

There are a handful of accomplished beaders that I such beader is Kate Boyan who lives in Alaska.  I've followed Kate's blog for several years now and have posted on her work before.  I love seeing her beautiful beaded, wearable artwork and for those who don't know Kate, please check out her blog!

Kate is another bead artist that inspired me to start doing bead embroidery.  And she has offered tips via her blog and comments on my blog, which I truly appreciate!   Kate's art looks more like paintings then bead embroidery!  You have to check out the feather earrings Kate currently posted on her blog this week.    She even has two videos for tips on stitching and finishing the earrings.  You can purchase the earring kit..wish I could wear this long style of earring.  I'd purchase in a heartbeat!  

Aren't they beautiful!

And they look twice as beautiful on the ears!!!!  

Here are just some of my most favorite beaded art pieces from Kate! 


This one is called 'Elk Magic'!  Isn't it beautiful!  Click to enlarge the picture!!!  Just amazing detail Kate achieves!

This one is call 'O' can read about it here. 

And just a few other 'bags' from Kate!  I don't know which is my favorite!!!  

My readers know my love of horses!  This is wonderful!

Again, look at the detail Kate achieves with her beading!!!

Kate also has a book she wrote, which I bought for my grand kids back in 2010 (I also won another book on her blog, which I gave to a friend of mine for her grand daughter!).  The book 'The Blue Bead' is adorable!   Below is a comment from my blog that same year I received the book and read to my grand kids:  
" One of Nick's comments was "grandma, it probably took that lady a day to make one of these" (referring to one of the beaded pieces). I told Nick I'm sure it took her more than a day! The story is about a bead given as a gift and its travel from years ago to the present day gift. This is a really nice book for both the story and the eye candy."  

If you're looking for a book for Christmas, you can order one from Kate's grab a cup of coffee, tea or wine and check out Kate's blog and her wonderful art work!!!   I dare you to find just one favorite!  


  1. Kate's work IS amazing and unique. I won a copy of Blue Bead from her blog. I will never have a favorite piece that she has done because every piece is wonderful. I do which she blogged more.
    xx, Carol

  2. Remarkable work! The feathers make me wish I could wear earrings. And oh, that horse purse. And this impressed me- she made those feathers so there is a left and a right. I'm sure I'd have made two alike, and that little detail makes a big difference. I'm off to look at her blog

  3. Wow, these are incredibly beautiful. I can't begin to imagine the time that goes into each one!

  4. how does she get that realism??? wow, wow, wow! I've been missing my beading days; she (and you) are inspiring me to try again!!!!!

  5. 'Elk Magic' was my nickname in Middle School.

  6. I too have followed her work for years…..drooling over the artistry! I’ve been on a long bead pause in my work…and just the other day I was gazing at my bead collection….reminding myself to get back to what I love! Thanks for the further inspiration.


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