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Friday, September 20, 2019

What I'm working on!

First off, Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!!  She still has that same smile today!!!  Everyone called her a little 'Elizabeth Taylor'.
This week Dawn and her hubby, Jeff, are on a cruise to Australia, so no fear she'll read my blog!  We had last week off from Hilary's online MIP class, so I had time to work on a BD gift for my daughter.   Several years ago, Dawn painted this piece of fabric.  She made her own 10"x12" stamp, which you can see in the blue.  She then used a squeeze bottle with thickened dye to create the circles.  I love this piece!!!   It measures 30" x 36".

I thought I would surprise her and make a quilted top for her birthday.  When I was talking to her about what wonderful painted pieces she had, Dawn said "well, you could make me a table runner".  Hmmmmmm  So I confessed that I had already sandwiched the piece and was going to make a top for her.  Guess it was a good thing we talked...because I forgot her table is oblong and she just wanted a runner!

Soooooooooooo  I continued to free motion quilt the piece

...then I decided to do some hand embroidery on the blue stamped areas.  It's great TV work! 

I've made a few table toppers for Dawn through the years.  Not sure when I made this one.  It measures 40" x 24" and she uses it from time to time on her table.

This is another round topper I made for her living room.  She has a great birch wood circle coffee table and this fits well on it.  I made this in 2011.

Now the big decision is where do I cut the newest piece to make a table runner.  Her table is 45"x76" oval but the table runners she has are anywhere from 40"x24" , which is the longer one I made years ago.

Dawn also has some she's purchased from Pier1, 15"x39", 14"x 36".  I haven't quite decided on how I'm 'trimming' the current  piece but I'm sure I'll make it fit, somehow!


  1. A piece of art! Your daughter will love it. It is such a unique piece.
    xx, Carol

  2. It's lovely- and trimming it will be a dilemma of decision making. But it will look great, I'm sure.


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