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Monday, September 30, 2019

Art Show at the White Lake Library

One of my bestie's, Carol T., is a dedicated 'Friends of the Library' volunteer at the White Lake Township Library (here in Michigan).   She is also a talented artist and quilter and I've posted some of her work(s) on my blog in the past.

In addition to all her work she does for the FOL,  (organzing books, setting up for book sales, etc., )  she also helped organize and set up  a 'Library Art Competition'.  This competition was to commemorate the opening of their new library, which is beautiful.  Yesterday,  Mary and I headed to the library to meet up with Carol to see the art exhibit and the new library.  It is beautiful and so spacious.    The art exhibit was really quite nice...tons of talent and each piece was so different.  Hope my readers enjoying seeing this art display.  Because this is a competition, I don't have names of the artists (with exception of my friends!).

First off, this is the piece Carol created for the exhibit!  Isn't it cool!!!  Click to enlarge so you can  see the detail and texture she created.  Carol does such unusual drawing/paintings in this style.  They are all so interesting and unusual - in a good way.

This was a really cool piece made by a teenager!!!  One you have to click on to see all the detail!  What a great job.

This was done by a 7 year old girl!!!  She loves books...such a clever young girl.  The 'book' is a a bed and she wants to read to her cat "Milo"!  How sweet!

You may recognize this piece.  It was created by our friend, Lois Ann.  I just did a blog post on her last week (click here). 

Another work in acrylics and so unusual.  I really liked this too.

 This was a beautiful acrylic painting.   One of my favorites.

This was done in pencil!  There were two pieces from this artist but I forgot to get a picture of the second one.  I just like the design.

This was oil on canvas and was stunning!  Reminds you of an old master's painting.  Makes  you feel like you could reach up and touch a person!  Just beautiful.

This was a fabric collage under glass...quite interesting.

I had to take several pictures of areas from this art work!  I think it is fantastic and so unusual.  In person, it looks like a book.  Click on the picture to read the label. 

I wish I took a better picture from a distance so viewers could grasp all that's in this and the book effect.  Just a wow piece in my mind.

Think this might be my favorite...other than Carol and Lois Ann's pieces! 

This piece was a digital painting done on the computer and using a photoshop software.  Pretty cool...glare is from the lights.  My back was against book shelves (we are in a library, remember.  HA) and the lights were hitting the art work under glass.  Too bad because there is a lot of detail in this piece too.

This was another cool/interesting piece done using Gouache paint.  It's depicting a scene from 1840 of a Captains parlor in the Army.  Great detail.

I would hang this in my the colors and addition of black.  It was done using watercolor, ink and crayons (Caran d'ache).

This was so cool but the light/glare once again took away from the beauty of the piece.  There's so much going on in this.

I had to take another closeup to see if the glare would go away...but you can see my friend Mary in the picture!  HA

So that was the exhibit and it was well worth the trip & lunch we had!  And to finally get to see Carol's new library we've all been hearing about for the past year!  They certainly should be proud of what they have built...and now that it's built...they will come!!! 


  1. What a terrific day out. And a great way to celebrate the new library. There is such a wide array of media and styles. I love the book bed from the 7-year-old.

  2. Wow, what a great exhibition, very inspiring. There are so many talented people out there!


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