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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Woodpecker beading project, continues

I posted last week a woodpecker quilt my friend, Mary, finished.  You can read about the history behind the  woodpecker project here.   

This is the picture of the woodpecker, I'm working from. 

I've been beading in between working on my daughter's table topper (post here).  I dye painted the bird using thickened dyes.  After beading, I'll cut out and stitch down on a quilted background.

I started to outline the bird and filling in when I have time in between the topper.

I actually filled in the beak but I wasn't happy with it so what to do..............

's called first issue was when I dye painted the bead, I didn't put a point at the when I was beading, I just followed the paint.  I was using size 11 delicas and I switched to seed bead #15's.

I'm still not totally happy with his beak so it might get 'unbeaded' again!  I'll wait until I'm ready to cut the beading out and applique down.   It will be easier then to get the point for the beak. 

In between, the topper project and woodpecker project,  I've just watched our lesson from last Monday this past weekend.  We're in the process of 'drawing and composition'.  Drawing isn't my strong suit by any means, but I have to say Hilary is making is actually fun to do!


I have some more drawings I'm working on then I'll be coloring/shading each piece.  That should be fun!

This past week was our library book sale so I was busy helping set up from Tuesday thru Thursday then working the book sale on Saturday afternoon.  Lots of work but we had a good turn out and made some money, which is good for the needs of our small library.   Now to get back to my art work!


  1. So far, so GREAT!! I always love your beading.
    xx, Carol

  2. Unbeading isn't nearly so much fun! I'm looking ahead at that tail section- it's almost like a checkerboard pattern of black and white. That's going to be an interesting area, too.

  3. Wow…..the Woodpecker becomes more stunning each time you share your progress!

  4. Your beading is exquisite! I can't wait to see the finished bird.


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