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Sunday, September 15, 2019

More collages for the Octopus book!

I recently showed the collages I started in my Octopus book.  This is a picture of the first four pages, which are in blues/greens. 

I'm now working on the back of these pages using blues/rose/pinks!  It's a great way to use some of the painted/dyed/stamped papers but mainly is an opportunity to play with colors.  The colors in this spread are more true.

Here are individual pics of the latest pages.  Colors look so much paler than they really are.  My phone takes really good pictures but for some reason I must have changed the setting.  But you get the idea!

What color will I start with next!?!  Not really sure but I'd like to continue using 'blues' and mixing papers with other colors.  Who knows!  But it will be fun to experiment with colors to make collages.  The pages are small enough you get some practice but not intimidating that you don't want to attempt to create a collage! 


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