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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

More inspiration from my friends!

 I've said it before and I know I'll say it again...I'm so lucky to have such talented friends to inspire me!  I want my readers to meet another friend, Lois Ann and see her beautiful work.  I have posted a little here and there about Lois Ann and her quilted beauties but I wanted to show some of her current work.  Lois Ann (along with our bud, Carol T.) belong to the White Lake Library.  They had a 'call for entry' of art work, which both Carol and Lois Ann entered (I'll show Carol's piece in another post.).   This is Lois Ann's beautiful painted canvas she entered!  I'm not sure of the size but it's around 35"x35".  Beautiful isn't it!  Oh, the little square is from me taking a picture of a picture on LA's camera! 

This was another painted canvas LA is/was working on.  She was going to enter it for the library's exhibit but she went over the size that's when she made the butterfly above (in a weekend, I believe!).   This one isn't finished yet.  She's painting books on the table (white area) but I think it's already an amazing piece of art work.

Here this is our super star!  I've always been a fan of LA!  So are my dogs!  HA Her work is outstanding and always impresses me she can draw and paint so easily!  

Last summer, I did a post on both Lois Ann and Carol on their painting the utility boxes in Grand Blanc, Michigan.  You can read that post here and see more of LA's paintings.  

Now I want to show some of her fabulous quilts!  This is her eagle quilt she used as inspiration for painting one of the utility boxes.  It is so realistic!!! 

Her butterfly quilts have so much detail!

Some quilts LoisAnn created a few years ago


Another example of Lois Ann's quilt that she used for inspiration for  a 2nd utility box!  

I love the vivid colors LA's uses as well as her machine quilting and overall workmanship!

In addition to quilting and painting, LoisAnn does quite a bit of daily drawings.  

Lois Ann's sketchbook is never far from her hands whether she is on a camping trip with her husband or living in Italy (which they did for several years) touring the city.  

She won a pie for this race!

And another addition to being a wonderful quilter and artist of painting and drawing, LA is also a bicycle racer,  of which she is currently in the top 10 for the Women's Short course  - which can be 20+ - 50 miles in her age group!  Yea, that's a short course!  HA   I know she ran a race last weekend and has one more for the season to go but I'm not sure where she finished but I bet she's still in the top ten.   Lois Ann rides in the MGRS- Michigan Gravel Race series which, as it states, they ride on gravel for a good portion of their races.  How cool is that! 

I hope you enjoyed seeing why I am so inspired by my friends!   I don't think the biking will inspire me but LA's art work will for years to come!


  1. Vibrant- that's exactly the word I was thinking about Lois Ann's work when I came across it in your text. Truly talented friends you have!

  2. So many great pieces to look at. So much talent. You and your friends all inspire each other, that is clear.
    xx, Carol

  3. She's so talented and super fit as well. What a successful woman.

  4. Wow…….impressive, talented, and inspiring!!


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