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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Project Update - Rail Fence Top

 It's been quite busy at our house lately and will be for a few weeks...but I'm trying to get to my knitting and  hand work on the rail fence quilt top (beading is on hold until I can get my eyes checked or get some new glasses at Walgreen's!).  

Rail Fence stitching is coming along...slow process but so relaxing if I can stitch while watching TV...that is depending on the TV show or movie we're watching! 

You can see this  circle with stitching filled in below.

More circles...more stitching

This is circle above right but with the center filled in.

Now working on some straight line stitching...Hand stitching is so relaxing and fun to stitch where and what you want!  


  1. This is really such a lovely piece….and nice you can have some handwork esp. right now.


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