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Monday, March 1, 2021

Start of Bird(s) of Paradise

 I posted a week or two ago on a new applique piece I was starting...but decided to add a beaded 'bird of paradise' to it!  I received some beads, quite quickly in fact from Aura Crystals.  This is the first time I've purchased from this web site and I was quite pleased.  The colors on their web site certainly matched as good or better than some sites and I received my order quickly!  I certainly would purchase from them again!

Some of my beads and does take a lot of time deciding what bead to use where!  I need to write on another cheat sheet which beads I'll use.  

Now I have my beads and have my pattern and just need the time!  Time so I can rip out when I'm not happy with how the beads are laid down!  I know I do this often but in my mind I have an idea where I want the beads and sometimes that works out and other times not so much - so it's rip it out!  Which is fine with me.

 Plus, good eyes...holy heck..who knew my eyes have gotten so bad this past year!  Yikes...I'm using my neck held magnifying thingy,  which helps.  During the day light, my Ott light creates a glare, which bugs me so I don't use the magnifying thingy.  Then later in the day or on a cloudy day I'll use both!  

I did rip out the yellow and green once but I'm happy with the lay of the beads now.  I'm still working on another yellow section and next will be the body, then the tail, then the wings...which I think will be exciting to bead!  There are so many different colors in the actual picture of the bird...should be fun to bead!  She says now!  HA HA

This was hubby and I after getting our 2nd Covid vaccine shot!!!  So glad to have that behind us so we can maybe start to feel somewhat back to normal.  Of course, we'll continue to wear our masks (even around our kids) and obviously whenever we are out and about and sanitize...but at least I won't feel like I am going to pass on or pick up the virus...and if I do, let's hope the vaccine will protect us from hospitalization!  Be safe my friends!


  1. This is going to be a wonderful project! Glad you got your shots. It really does give a measure of confidence. We took a day trip to St. Augustine. It felt so foreign to be doing a normal thing again! But it was a lovely day.


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