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Tuesday, February 23, 2021



It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right!  So guess what!  I posted  a week ago on 'going back to my roots' and starting a fused applique quilt.  Well, it's still going to be an applique piece...but..I was looking up the flower, Bird of Paradise, to see where they were native to.  And what else popped up!  Birds!!  Actual Birds of Paradise

This bird is called Paradisaea Apoda or Greater Bird of Paradise.  My readers know my love of beading birds and butterfly that led me to my current project!  Yep, I'm going to bead a 'bird of paradise' to place on the applique quilt!
I love the colors of this bird and I think they will certainly work with the flowers.  So I'm calling this quilt "Birds of Paradise"...clever, I know!  😁

But a really funny thing happened, as I was preparing my pattern for the beading!  I forgot how I sandwiched my pattern and what I used! 


Thank goodness I still have the article I wrote for QA magazine back in 2015!  I honestly wasn't sure what to use!  I printed out the pattern on the Wash Away Applique sheet by C&T.  You can use this sheet, as it is also fusible, or Pellon  808 Craft Fuse to feed through your printer (no, I didn't remember the Pellon!).  I print out my patterns vs tracing on the fusible.  At times, I'll actually print in color so it's easier to sew the right bead color as you stitch.

Even with all the beads I have...guess who had to order more beads!  Yikes!  This is were I REALLY miss my bead store in Florida!  The store is about 5 miles from where we stayed and they always had what I needed for a given project.  

I need different shades of brown and gold..and of course I didn't have exactly what I wanted.  Now I'm hoping the ones I ordered can be used...I guess if not this project then another project...

So here I sit waiting for beads to arrive to start. But that's ok...I have another project I started!  Yep, Type A personality!


  1. How funny, I often forget how I did things as well, lucky I try to remember to write things down. Actually best to do it in my blog otherwise, I forget which book or piece of paper I wrote it on!

  2. It's good you didn't have to re-invent the wheel to come up with your method! This is an exciting project and I'm sure the array of beads you'll need requires getting more. This will be fun to watch!

  3. What a stroke of luck….though your skill and creativity had more to do with this new direction than luck!


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