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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mono Print Layering - Part 2

 My last post showed the 'not so great' mono prints.  These are some that I'm happy with from my last mono printing session.  

I'm using acrylic paints - cheap ones from JoAnn's as well as some Golden Fluid Acrylics.  

This is the gelli plate (8"x10") after I pulled a print!  There was still enough left on the plate for a ghost print.

And the same Gelli plate after I pulled a print above!  I don't always clean my plate.  You can get some interesting patterns by leaving some of the paint on the plate and then do a pull with new paint on top.  You'll see some of the previous colors come up with the new pull. 

This is on deli paper and I think would make a nice collage piece if you ripped sections of the white off or used pieces of it.  You can see some black splotchy areas on the top corners.  That's from some black paint that was left on the plate.  This piece has at least 3 layers of printing on it.

More deli papers...this had 3 layers on it...first was black from stencil, then gold from stencil, then I just pulled up what was left from the black that was left on the plate to tone down the gold.

this is on layout paper, which really takes prints so well.  This will make nice inserts for the cards.

I like this geometric stencil but I will add some dark gray or black on top....the contrast areas with black areas look better than the top with no black.

This one turned out great, I think!  The first was printed with a stencil then I reprinted offsetting the pull!  And for once I did the off set on purpose!  HA  Again, you can see some black coming off the plate with each pull.

I even like the dark print on the bottom.  Again, this is on layout paper.

I love this floral stencil...again, I did some ghost layers and off set the pull.  It might be hard to cut these up.  Only problem, they are printed on the watercolor paper...good for inserts but hate to cut up the stencil pattern.

I like this print but I may want to do a glaze or another print on top.  Either tone it down with a glaze or add a dark stencil.  

So that was my last session of mono printing for awhile.  I want to cut up some of these to make cards to have on hand.  And I have to get back to working on my applique piece.  


  1. Gel plates are just too much fun! You have a nice assortment to work with.

  2. Love them all but especially what you've done with the geometric stencil!

  3. Interesting and creative process!
    -Eva Maria

  4. My goodness… eye tells me you don’t have a clunker in the bunch….really inspiring results Robbie!


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