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Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Back to basics

I had to do something with the snow dyed fabrics I posted about (here).  

What better use then going back to my quilting roots and do some applique!  Fused, of course!   I didn't say I was going back to the 1800's and making an applique quilt by hand!  HA

...but it was fun to find a picture to use as inspiration! 

I found several pictures of The Bird of Paradise flower, which I think is pretty cool and has similar colors that are in some of my snow dyed pieces.  

Next was to make up a pattern or two!  Or three!

A few patterns....

And auditioning was pretty easy...I fused the back of the fabric before I did any tracing or cutting out.

No real definition yet....

I cut the pattern piece out as one whole flower vs small applique pieces.  

Next out came the colored pencils to do some shading.  I'm sure I'll be adding more definition after the pieces are fused.    

I found a piece of soy wax printing I created last summer in our MIP online class for the background.  I think it works well with the fabrics.  It doesn't show up as the lime green it is but you get the idea!

I'm still working on auditioning different fabrics for leaf and leaf shapes.  And of course different layouts for the flowers.  

The background fabric is 13"x21" but not sure if I'll use landscape or portrait...still quite a ways to go but fun to work on in between other 'things'!

Big snowstorm approaching us this week...temps have been as low as 2 degrees and highs of 20+!   Gotta love Michigan winters!  But at least we still have electricity and don't have to drive anywhere!!



  1. Applique, soy wax prints, ice dyes.... this will have it all. And fun to boot!

  2. That's going to be stunning! Stay warm, stay safe.

  3. Wow……great inspiration led to a great piece….


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