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Friday, February 19, 2021

Mono Printing Layering - part 1

I wanted to work on printing papers to insert into photo frame cards .   So, I'm breaking this mono printing layering into two posts.  This post shows some that I'm not crazy about but I'm sure if I don't use them 'as is' I'll end up adding more layers!  These are all printed on papers (layout, watercolor, tissue and deli).

These are prints on deli paper (12"x12")...the one on the right isn't that bad and I'm sure can add another stencil or ghost print to enhance it.

This is also on deli paper and will work good as a background or add more to it.  The colors are nice...again, this was just picking up what was left on the gelli plate.

This is a large piece of tissue paper...well, it was just handy.  I started to use it to 'mop' up stencils and when I didn't want to mess up a clean sheet to clean the gelli plate.

Oh, the layers on this layout sheet of paper!  This layout paper is over 20+"...the piece on the right side isn't too bad..and if you slice the other print into cards, it too might not be that bad.

OK, this is just ugly....the left side is a print from a coloring sheet!  You can barely see the leaf shape!  HA

Again, once these are cut into 4"x6" they might not look that bad.  The one on the right needs a dark stencil on it.  These were printed on watercolor paper, which I thought was too heavy to absorb a good print.  Lesson learned...

Actually, these aren't that bad....they might really make a nice card insert.  This is a sheet of layout paper.

Fun times, right!  My next post will show some mono printing layers that turned out so much better.  


  1. Fun times indeed! Do you use a variety of paints, standard acrylics?

  2. It’s like Christmas morning…..the surprise of opening a box!


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