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Saturday, February 6, 2021

Magic Cross Stitch - final - sorta!

 I posted last week on Kathy Loomis' 'magic cross stitch' process that she posted on her blog (Art With a Needle) a few weeks ago.  I also did a blog post on my first few attempts at using Kathy's method.  This past week I finished a small piece (11"x11").  Here again, is my start to finish!

I found that the embroidery method of stripping your threads and putting back together didn't seem to work very well for my cross stitching.  You can see how loose the yellow threads are vs the green, which I just used the six strands of embroidery thread as is.

So I started Kathy's cross's not your standard 'cross stitch'...don't ask...just buy Kathy's tutorial!  HA

Pretty much finished but needed more so.............

I added more cross stitching, which the 'pink' color is actually orange! And then just straight stitching around the piece.

Not sure what I'll do with this piece but at least I gave it a go and have in my embroidery tool box!  Something to keep in mind for future projects if you are looking at creating a different background for your work.  Always good to learn something new!  Thanks again, Kathy, for a very detailed tutorial for your 'magic cross stitch' process!  


  1. I like the look you get with the process. Very dense and colorful. Always something new to learn.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Robbie! So glad you like the method.

    If any of your readers want to try it, write me at
    and I'll tell you more!


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