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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Dog Food Time (again!)

 Making the "girls" their dog food isn't a quick process (takes me 2 hrs from start to finish - cleanup)...but my daughter, Dawn, and hubby offered some good shortcuts.

It's always hard to cook 6lbs of ground turkey (stirring is a bugger!) so my daughter suggested to use the instant pot to cook the turkey! I can only fit 2lbs at a time and so after 3 sessions the ground turkey is cooked.

Part of the cooking process is chopping up the ground cooked turkey...again, hard on the arms/ hubby suggested I use my food processor! Well, guess what, that works like a charm! I put a pound in at a time, then transfer to my large cooking pot! Once all are chopped I can add my veggies (spinach, carrots, zucchini) and rice to the turkey! Mix it all up and done (after 2 hours)! Now the girls have their food for about 10-2 weeks. Works for me!

This is my sewing room right now

...I'm cutting up some of my snow dyes...thinking of doing an appliqued small piece...but I've changed my mind twice already on a pattern so who knows what or if I'll end up with something...

I'm also doing some more mono printing! HA Just can't stop!!


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