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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Snow Dyeing Time!

 Well, what else do you do with all that snow when you live in Michigan!  We've normally been in Florida so I've only done ice dyeing and not snow dyeing.  I have to say this was fun and I'm happy with my results!  

I did the 'normal' placing snow and then sprinkle dye powder on top of the snow for the first method.  

The second method, which I just happened to have a bookmark on snow dyeing from Tamarack Shack,   Kathy fills small ice cream containers with snow then mixed each color of dye powder in the containers.  She would then scoop the dyed snow on top of her soda ash soaked fabrics!  

I started with laying some of the purple snow/dye mix on top of the soda ash soaked fabric.

Then I added the yellow and green.

To be honest, I was hoping I would get some brown pieces of dyed fabric.  Hmmmmmmm  

I used Blue Violet, Bright yellow and Chartreuse for the center/snow & dye mix.

Bottom tray was Lime, Robin Egg and Periwinkle.

Top tray is Red Wine, Bright Green and Bright Yellow.

Some of my  best results...

You can see my Kalee girl sniffing the fabrics in the pic above!  She loves the snow!

I believe this was the mix of....oh heck, I don't know!!  HA  But I really liked it.

I have two pieces similar and they are quite brighter than what shows in this piece.

Yep, I had two pieces similar..the dark areas are actually green black.  Really a nice piece.

I do know this was the snow/dye powder mix.  You don't get the intensity, at least I didn't.

Again, the dye powder/snow mix.  This was a piece that I did rubbings using Gelato's.  You can see the original piece before I dyed it below.  I should have left it alone.  HA

This was a cool piece but I always wanted to over dye it.  I just didn't think it would cover so much of the leaf rubbing.

You can barely see the design unless you're looking closely.  But that's ok.  It's still a good piece of fabric that I'm sure I can use at some point.  

I am working on playing with some of the fabric and cutting out a floral design.  Back to the old days of doing some traditional type work.  

Oh, had my MRI finally...yep, complete tear of rotator cuff...ugh...I see the ortho dr next week.  I don't want surgery and hoping this Dr. will have some other alternative.  Some tears will heal...some require surgery...Here's my final report: Double UGH!!!!!


  1. Oh no, I hope your shoulder heals soon! Your ice dye pieces are so bright and joyful!

  2. A fun day of dye experiments! Oh gosh, I'm sorry about the shoulder diagnosis- all the best with your appointment. Not something to look forward to.

  3. Bad luck about your shoulder, hope you don't need surgery though. I was interested in the snow dyeing, something I can never do here in Australia. I actually love the subtleness of the last one.

  4. Fascinating, thank you Robbie….need to try that!


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