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Thursday, February 25, 2021

While waiting for beads

I cut up some of my mono print papers and inserted them into the photo cards.  These will be perfect to send to friends and family when I need a card!  I think it made good use of my mono printed papers.

I have to say I've had a resurgence of quilting, sewing and beading lately, which is a good thing.  So while waiting for my order of beads to come, I started another small project. 

A few years ago, on Design Matters TV, Laura Kemshall had a video of how she cut her hand dyed fabrics for a project.  So, I took a piece of my snow dyed fabric and cut it into 1.5"x 4.5" pieces to make a rail fence pattern!  

Next up was to sew each strip together to make a 4.5" block.

You can see a finished 4.5" block top left, strips on the right next to the block and my little pile of strips ready to sew.  Aren't I the efficient sewer!

This arranging is harder than you would think!

This arrangement and the next picture are my far!

Now the hard part is deciding on the placement to make a decent little top.  I only have 20 blocks...unless I decide to use another piece, that was in the same snow dye container, to cut up for more strips.  Who knows what this 'traditional' gal will do!  Maybe just use some of the blocks to edge another piece...hmmmmmmmm


  1. I love them all but the second from the bottom with that "pop" of light where it's positioned is wonderful. It will make a really nice finished piece.

  2. What an inspired method of using hand dyed fabrics…..thanks so much for sharing!


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