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Saturday, March 13, 2021

Women Supporting Women

 I am so fortunate to have the best kids!  I hope my readers will enjoy this YouTube my daughter published as part of International Women's Week!  From coaching her clients in their current or future career path endeavors, to producing/editing her own videos, my daughter impresses me daily with her talent and what she has achieved in the workplace! She started her own coaching business in January 2020 and, we all know what that year was like, but she continued to persevere and has maintained her business throughout that pandemic year! You'll also get an insight as to how my career started and how it ended!


  1. What a lovely tribute and recap of your career path. Dawn is an excellent spokesperson, and what a professional presentation. Very talented indeed.

  2. What a very polished and lovely young woman and a beautiful interesting to hear about your journey...know you are so proud of her!

  3. What a wonderful tribute! And your daughter is so professional and polished -- I wish her well in her career.


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