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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Shadow Crazy Piecing

Linda Kemshall (DMTV) was at it again...enticing me to try something new!  Well, it's not really new but as Linda said "shadow crazy is a twist on traditional crazy patchwork with this mini cushion worked in a sheer and semi sheer fabrics. Embellish with hand worked embroidery stitches and add beads".   This is my finished little cushion (6" square).

Of course, Linda had me at "beads"!  I've not done much crazy quilting but this small project seemed perfect to make for my bud, Susan's (my tea bag gifter!) birthday.  I thought it might take awhile to finish,  Susan's BD is in October, so this would give me time to finish.  Little did I know it was so relaxing to sew I finished all the hand work in a weekend!  

I gathered up some supplies and got started!  

Next up was to lay out the different sheer fabrics...well, really the first part was deciding what colors to use but that's always a story isn't it!   Then it was deciding which embroidery stitches to use!

This was the fun part!  Doing different embroidery stitches.  Some with beads and some without!  Just have to have beads, right! 

Once all the stitching was finished,  I used one of my mono printed fabrics I had in my stash for the backing and sewed the piece close, leaving about 2" to turn for stuffing. 

This was the finished cushion after I stuffed it with some fiber fill I had on hand.   Looks nice and puffy!  I was going to leave 'as is' but....those beads & Linda were calling me!

I added beads all around the edges!

And this is the back...that's the mono printed piece I had on hand.  It does match the blue in the sheer doesn't it! 

I was going to wait until October to mail toSusan but I decided I'd send her an early birthday gift!  Hope she enjoys and uses it!  

 Now to stop watching DMTV!  HA  Only kidding!  I love the inspiration and ideas Linda and Laura share with us.  In fact, Laura Kemshall, was the person who introduced me to English Paper Piecing years ago.  Hence, I have become addicted (horse hex #1 and horse hex #2 for example)!  And now I have another hex project (EPP) that you'll see in my next post!  Thanks again to Linda and Laura!


  1. What a fun and inspiring project you shared….thank you…..gotta love those beads!!

    1. Of course, Mary! We always have to add beads! HA

  2. So pretty, and such a perfect showcase for embroidery stitches and beads. I'm sure Susan will love it.

  3. This turned out beautifully, Robbie. Nice to have a small project when you are putting so much detail into it. Sometimes I start detailed projects too big and they take forever to finish! Your friend will treasure this.

  4. You did a wonderful job. I love the color choices of threads with the transparents fabrics!

  5. Beautiful! Love the look of the sheer with the embroidery.

  6. Robbie, this is simply fabulous! I've been looking to be inspired to try something new, and this is IT! Your colors and stitching are wonderful, and I love the way sheers play together.

  7. Absolutely the use of sheers, love the embroidery and those beautiful beads just bring it up another notch...Lucky Susan

  8. WOW Robbie I love your CQ/Shadow Quilted cushion. The colors are stunning. YES to beads which always add glam and texture and beautful bling. Gorgeous Dear...<3


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