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Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Big Reveal - Finally!

Last winter, Kay (Quilts+Color) challenged three of us (she did ask first if we were up for it!) to collaborate on a project.  As Kay put it, "add our own personal touch" to one quarter of her iced dyed Mandala fabric.  Of course we all gasped at the thought Kay would cut up such a wonderful dyed piece of fabric! 
This was the Mandala piece Kay cut into four sections.  You can see in each corner a  white square which had on it a #.  We each drew a # and that was our square to enhance!  Seems to me each square was around 22".  Can't remember...but you get the jest!

Kay did a blog post last week, which you can see here, on the completed quilt.  But we thought it would be a good idea to also share some closeups of each piece, which I'm going to do on my reveal post!   

So, starting with the upper left corner #1, I present to you  Beth Sherman's square! 

Beth did a fantastic job creating movement with her flowers and the detail she added with the leaves and stitching were perfect!  Her flowers are 2D and she added beading in each center.  Beth also added free motion quilting to fill in the space.  Just perfect!

Next up is  #2 upper right and it belongs to me. I wanted the fabric to be the focal point so I tried to enhance it with adding hand stitching.  I use the opposite color of  thread in each section (red on green, green thread on get the picture!).  

Perle cotton was used for all stab stitching (not quilting stitch) and invisible thread to outline around the hand stitching.   

The bottom left #3 is by Nancy Halstead Burkhalter.   Just look at the depth Nancy got with her machine stitched flower!!!  She printed the flower on fabric then, once stitched, fused onto her  quilted background.  

The detail  and depth Nancy got was amazing!   This flower looks so real.  She quilted diagonal lines vs quilting which was perfect as to not take away from her flower.  
Also, as you look at each section, note the diagonal stitching we each did!  Interesting.

And last, but not least!, bottom right is Kay's section #4!

Once again, the detail to enhancing her Mandala fabric was awesome.  Kay added some floral pieces from a vintage table linen she had  iced dyed.    The colors were awesome and fit in with her iced dyed Mandala perfectly.
And notice the diagonal lines Kay painted on!  So interesting we each had those same directional lines!  Kay also painted fusible web to create her leaves.  I love the subtle look it gave her section.  Just wonderful!  

And yes, I will say it for you!  Some great minds think demonstrated with 3 of the ladies doing a floral theme!  Yes, I am the black sheep...but we say my section is the 'sun' shining down on the piece.  HA...OK, that's what I said!  

We finally had our  sections revealed at our last get-together in February, which was so much fun!   
 We all agreed on the name....I present to you!

Collaboration of
Beth Sherman
Robbie Payne
Nancy Halstead Burkhalter
Kay Sorensen
March 2017

Kay so graciously volunteered to put all of the sections together, backed it and added the facing.  She did a wonderful job!!!  And so glad she volunteered!  Not a job I would wanted to do!    Nancy volunteered to create our label using her embroidery machine!!  

This was really fun to work on and even though a tad intimidating...I would do it again with these talented woman!  Thanks again to Kay for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate on a project with her!! Hope you all enjoy and maybe you will even be inspired to work on a project with your fiber buds!


  1. Kuddos for the creativity that went into this unique challenge…..and tx’s for sharing….so inspirational!!

  2. The completed piece is fantastic. Each block enhances the others. Just gorgeous.
    xx, Carol

  3. What a fun piece and such great ideas...This fabric is so beautiful in and of itself, a real challenge to add something on top and still keep the integrity of the fabric...You ladies nailed it!

  4. Stunning and how interesting each of you did similar diagonals. How brave of Kay to cut up her gorgeous hand dyed piece of fabric. The final reveal shows how something amazing and beautiful can indeed become something even greater. Wonderful collaboration with you four very talented ladies! Congratulations. <3

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