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Thursday, March 23, 2017

BBQ at it's best!

Tuesday  was another night of eating out...I know 'suprise'!  Anyway, we headed to Brick City  Southern Kitchen & Whiskey Bar, which is located in the downtown square in Ocala.  They don't have a website or the the Ocala restaurant listed yet (they are part of the MoJo group, so I've linked to their FaceBook page.

The food was delicious!!!!  We went with Jan and Larry and shared an appetizer of Kansas City Burnt Ends, which was SO good!!!

I had their brisket sandwich and collard greens....

and Bob had their Dry Rub Ribs that he said were also good.  And  I took off some of my brisket (there was so much on the bun) so we both have leftovers for another dinner this week!!

 We were all licking our fingers and enjoying their sauces!  The Chipotle BBQ sauce was spicy and very tasty as was their sweet BBQ sauce.  A combo of those two were delicious!

One of their main features are the 327 bottles of whiskey they have!  WHAT!  Who knew you needed that many different types of whiskey!  They also had a whiskey that sold for $600 a shot!  That is in the red box, top shelf on the right!   Enough said on that!

I know we'll be least I hope so!  I just need to keep my freezer and frig empty so we can continue to eat out!  HA

Today, I'm headed over to Peggy's, my painting bud, to play with alcohol inks on paper.  Our fiber group is doing this same project in April but on fabric.  It's going to be fun to see the difference between the different media.


  1. So funny you mentioned working with alcohol inks……I’d heading out this morning to a Fiber Junkies gathering where we will be playing with it too. After some DYI work on my part, I’ve made up a few batches…..far less costly then the real thing…..let’s hope it works well. I’m planning to try it on leather and X-ray film.

  2. $600 a shot!! That is obscene, lol. The food looks good.
    xx, Carol

  3. You've made me hungry for barbecue!

  4. Playing with Alcohol Inks is very appropriate given all these Whiskeys. And should cost a whole lot less than $600 per shot. Enjoy your alcohol dear...LOL

  5. OMG! Your posts are hard on me. I've been trying to eat a little healthier (i.e. diet) since the first of the year. You make it pretty hard to stay on the diet. I'm ready to head out for some BBQ. Your brisket and collards look FABULOUS! (Those would be my choice too.) Thankfully (or not), we don't have a good/any BBQ place here. I'll have to wait till I visit my sister in Memphis!

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