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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Squirrel and more food! What else is there!

I have to keep taking pics of Mr. Squirrel because I like to document my process for quilts and more so for my beading.  Some of my readers may remember my leaf (you can see that progress here).

I do enjoy looking back as to how or why I started a project (thanks to Susan for the leaf!).  It's no different for this little guy! I started it February 2016 and did work on it while in Florida that winter. But after we got back home there wasn't much activity.  I brought him with me this year hoping I would get time to work on it.

Looking back on the 'start' I guess I have made progress.  Mr. Blue (decided to give him a name!) is 7 1/2" tall and 8" wide!  Beth (Quilter Beth's Blog) asked if he was heavy...yes, he's getting there.  I have not weighed my leaf, which is quite heavy too!  I will weigh them both when I get home.  I have a kitchen scale that should work perfect.  Never thought of weighing them before!  Thanks for the question, Beth!
 I've added some lighter beads on his belly and will be add some for his face too.  He is kinda cute and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep his face features!!!

This past Monday we headed to the Freezer with our mates Jan, Larry, Karah and Howard...shrimp was good as can it be bad.  The place was packed when we arrived but we (really it was Jan!) asked  folks at a table if we could have dibs on their table when they finished!  I didn't get a picture but Jan.  She had on a blue cowboy hat and looked adorable so how could they refuse!  Worked out great!  You have to stand in line to order so we sat quickly while the guys stood in line!

And, as always, we had to stop at DQ!  Actually, that's the main reason I like to go to the freezer!  Another good meal!!  And experience!!  Gotta love Florida winters!


  1. The squirrel is coming along nicely…….just love the idea that it’s blue! On a food note….what could be better than freshly cooked shrimp followed DQ?!? Hummmm, maybe (my favorite) pizza - Culver’s concrete double chocolate malt. Oh my it’s not even 7:00 AM and now I’m hungry for dinner!

  2. So much detail on the squirrel- he's going to be great. I love the heavy feel of your beaded pieces. I remember that from when you gave me a book full of them ahead of your presentation in the Ocala guild. They feel heavy and cool to the touch- nice.

  3. Mr. Blue is truly BLUEtiful. He has lots of personality. Your beadwork is amazing from the Leaf to Mr. Blue and beyond. Not only how much each weighs but how many beads each contains. You may set a World record. Beaded Bliss Dear...<3


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