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Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Not a lot going on here...although, I'm never home so one of us is busy!  We've had some great meals this week!  I what else is new!  We've been having dinners at the new restaurant in our community.  Taco Tuesday, which was delicious!  Two tacos, chips and salsa and a Corunna beer for $6!  Yep!  Only $6!
The week before Bob and I had their 'Italian Night' which was lasagna w/small piece of garlic bread and a glass of wine!  Again all for $6!  It was so good...not a huge portion but perfect size!  Same with the Fish Fry Friday...$6 for piece of fried fish, french fries and a drink!  You can't beat that nor make a meal at home  for that price (along with the drink!  HA).

Wednesday we had a great meal with the gang at Dan Zano's in Ocala!  WOW!  What another great meal.  I had cheese pizza and a side salad which was GREAT!  Salad so fresh and pizza delicious.

 Others had spinach stuff shells and vegetable lasagna and they all said the dishes were wonderful.  We will go back...and the service was fantastic!  Robbie Jo waited on our table of 12 (along with the rest of the restaurant!!) and all our dishes came at the same time and they were all hot!  Just great service!  And food!

Last night we headed back to the cafe here in the community and Bob and I each had 'two sliders with fries' and they were, once again, really good!  I think they were $5.95 each but no drink included. We were  still quite happy!  Tonight I was a good wife and made dinner!  Woohoo!

I am busy working on my 'Communciation' theme quilt for our online challenge.  Due date is the 31st and I'm hoping to have my piece finished by this Sunday or Monday.  Of course the 'squirrel' is getting two beads added slowly but surely!  In fact, I picked up some grey/blue beads for his chest and belly area.  I think they'll look much better than the lighter beads I've tried using 3 or 4 times!  I'm getting tired of 'unsewing' all those beads!


  1. You really know how to hit the food lottery. Nobody can cook at home for those great prices. Blue Squirrel is amazing and I think grey-blue beads will be perfect for his underside. Keep care of your wrists dear. Maybe you should have Lloyds of London insure them for you.

  2. All my favorite foods...what fun.... and great prices....You surely can't eat at home for that price...Enjoy your moments in Florida everything else can wait....even that darling squirrel.


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