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Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Sister Time Memories!

I had a great visit with my sister and Nancy again!  
Me, my sis and Nancy

Gigi and I arrived around noon on Monday and had a nice lunch out in the lanai watching the ducks playing in the water!  This was a nighttime view from their lanai a year ago.  I forgot to take pics this year!  Too busy yakking and eating!

And we even saw an Eagle!  He flew over the pond and landed right on the edge of their property and the water!  BUT...the dogs started to bark and off he flew!  He did another fly by, this time he had something in his talons!  My sister has a telescope so we saw him on top of a roof across the pond.  It took him several times of flying around to get enough wind under him to make it to the nest on top of a cell phone tower (I think that's what it was).  How cool is that!

See that speck near the center/water!  That's him!  And the tower in the back is where their nest is!  

My sister made a wonderful dinner Monday night and invited Norma and Steve, neighbors who I get to see each year.  They are big travelers so always interesting to talk with about where they've been and where they are going next!  This was a picture four year ago when they had my sister and I over for dinner!  It was a dish from India and delicious!!  It was a Bombay Biryani Masala and a shrimp curry dish!  

Tuesday morning we relaxed with coffee and breakfast then headed out for lunch but first took a side trip to Little Harbor.  Beautiful homes, condos, etc. set on the water.  Some of the boats and homes were HUGE!!

I didn't get any pics of the homes as I was too busy holding my mouth closed! I kept gaping at the homes!!

Next up was lunch at Circles a restaurant on the water.  Really good lunch and nice to sit out and look at the water and boats.

After lunch, we had some time to drive to Apollo Beach!  Yep, they really have a beach now!  Guess at one time there wasn't one but they just finished it and it was quite nice.

Back home to take care of the dogs and just relax, once again, in the lanai!  How peaceful and relaxing!!!
 Since we were all still full from our lunch, we didn't want a big we headed out to a local restaurant that was having entertainment, Jazz Singer, Stacy Knights.  We were joined by another neighbor, Hedy.   My sis, Nancy and Hedy!

 Stacy was really good and in addition to singing played the sax and flute.  What a wonderful mix of oldies, jazz and even some Michael Jackson.  It was also happy hour for drinks and appetizers, so we all had a glass of vino and split coconut shrimp (delicious!!) and flatbread (delicious too!).

Back to my sis's house and we ended the evening by eating ice cream, chocolate syrup and potato chips!!  Yep, have to have salty after sweet!!!   This is one of my sisters dogs,  Sherry, begging for ice cream!

I just had a fun time, as always as MaryAnn and Nancy always show me such a good time.

I am lucky my sister only lives 2 hours from us in Florida.  Now if she would just stay home more so I could visit more often!  HA


  1. Great Sister (and Friends) time. Sherry begging for Ice Cream is exactly ME. I believe Ice Cream is the perfect food and I could eat it everyday! Lovely water scenes.


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