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Monday, February 27, 2017

Sister Time!

Today I am off to  have a few days visiting with my sister south of here!  She and Nancy have moved to Florida full time now and I haven't seen her since last February.  I'm really anxious to have some time together.  Gigi will be coming with me and Kalee will stay home with dad!  She's hoping for walks and golf cart rides!  Gigi will get to visit with my sister's two dogs!

Yesterday I bathed Gigi and washed Kalee's face and feet, packed up my overnight bag then sat out in the lanai to bead.  My bud, Sally, called and said she was working on her coloring book.  So she gathered up her books and watercolor pencils and we both sat and chatted while we worked!  Of course Gigi enjoyed having a lap to sit on!

 I'm still working on my squirrel...this was the progress last week

And this is what I finished today!  Making headway but it does take time!!  

It is going to be a challenge working on his face and body to get the detail I want.  Just might need to make a visit to my favorite bead shop here in Ocala!  Like I need an excuse!


  1. How wonderful for you to have sister time…… Also, your squirrel is looking great…..knowing just how much time it takes to bead…..your progress is impressive, esp. given your ailing wrist!

  2. Have a great visit! You're making good progress on the blue boy. It's really packed in- bet it feels nice to the touch. I'm a slow worker because I have to pause every now and again to feel the embroidery, or look at the quilt back, or feel the coolness and texture of beads. Being tactile slows me down!

  3. So great to get some sis time in. I'm antsy to get outside and have a look around the yard. Countdown to when the boot comes off!
    xx, Carol

  4. I love your Blue Squirrel! How fun for your friend to come over and enjoy Gigi along wiith her coloring. Safe travels and you and Sister have tons of fun!!! Blissful March Dear...


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