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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Checks in the mail! I mean Fiber cards!

I did end up making fiber Valentine Cards again this year.  But I was smart enough to start and finish them before we headed to Florida!  I will keep that in mind if I decide to  make them again next year.

 I am up to 43 cards this year! I started off years ago making only 7!  go figure!  But I do enjoy making them if I don't have that pressure of 'having to finish them' when in Florida!  That's the key.  Hope everyone who receives one enjoys them.

I made up my own picture and sent it off to get a thermofax screen made.  

Then I screen printed using black acrylic ink onto white fabric.  But that was boring so i started to paint each heart with some watercolor paint and 3D paint.  After making 10 of them I decided I wasn't going to do this for the other 30+ cards! 

So next up I just screen printed my design onto scrap dyed fabric I had on had.  
One print didn't seem enough so on some fabric I printed the screen twice!

Next up was sandwiching between some pellon, adding some quilting then printing out the labels on Sulky totally Stable iron on fusible .  I iron the Totally Stable onto printer paper and print out labels on the interfacing - just make sure to not use a lot of heat otherwise it is hard to peel off your interfacing.

Then it was time to cut away excess Pellon and interfacing and stitch the edges!  Easy!

Here are the results...until next year....maybe!

That's all folks!!


  1. VERY, VERY impressive! As always the attention to detail you give to each of your projects is evident!!

  2. What a lovely thrill for the recipients

  3. You are amazing and clever. This year's Valentine's are very creative. I love your cards and treasure each one I have received. Fabulous February Dear...

  4. A sea of color..also love the paw prints - Gigi or a stamp?