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Monday, February 20, 2017

Dogs and quilting!

So the other day I tried to post a video of Ranger at his agility run!  For some reason, the video wouldn't run.  So here it is again using a different format.  Ranger is a doll and he and his mom, Elizabeth, are a great team!   Ranger is also a rescue and the cutest little guy!

And I have been doing some sewing.  Hands/wrists are bad again so I'm only do hand work off and on.  I remembered to bring my blue squirrel with me so he is what I'm working on "off and on".  It doesn't look like I did much but I really did.  This was the 1st day.....

And this is what he looks like now!  I don't think there's much beading done!  HA  But there is.  I did about 3 rows on his back and beaded some of his front chest area.

I also started to quilt the background piece for our online challenge...theme is 'communication'.  I have my idea and plan but not sure this will work! This was the start of the quilting....

And this is where I'm at now.

 I'm planning on putting a wash or applique of color on the background.  I have images/words to fuse down too....soooooooo  I can always use this to make fiber cards if it doesnt work out!  Or chalk it up to practicing machine quilting!  Win/win?????  Hmmmmmmm


  1. Well, thanks for sharing what you do in your "spare" know...when you are not partying with your great group of friends. lol. Your FMQ looks good. I'll be interested to see what your next step will be. The blue squirrel is pretty darn cool.
    xx, CArol

  2. Great seeing another peek at your blue squirrel……..sorry your wrists are still such an issue….this ageing process is sure frustrating!!

  3. Paint it, it will bring out the design. Lightly dry brush acrylic paint across the quilt.

  4. Showing progress on your blue squirrel reminds me of showing progress on my hexie quilt. A LOT of work looks like A LITTLE progress. I LOVE your blue squirrel. I hope your hands hold out so you can keep working on it. Mine have been pretty good lately. Wow, you are doing a lot off quilting too. It is looking good. I can't wait to see how that ends up.

  5. Your squirrel is an amazing piece of work...can't wait to see it finished.

  6. The squirrels are the bane of my existance. I wish they were all like yours, quiet and beaded! Your quilting is spectacular. I am sure you won't have to make fiber cards out of it! Pretty sure it will be a good strong piece! LOL

  7. I had forgotten Blue Squirrel and he is looking more filled in. Sorry your wrist is slowing your progress. All that quilting you are doing is beautfiful. Your ideas are always amazing and you always manage to bring them to fruition. <3


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