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Friday, February 24, 2017

Tigers and Lions and Bears, Oh My!

Five of us had the best experience this past week!  One of the ladies in the community, Eunice, has visited the EARS (Endangered Animal Rescue Sanctuary) in Citra.    Actually, she has gone several times and suggested we do a private tour.  I am SO glad she suggested and arranged the tour....what a wonderful day it was!!!  There are 30 acres of a refuge to care for and foster animals no longer wanted or being cared for.  I didn't count all the animals we saw but there are lots!  So I'll be doing at least two posts on the rescue.

EARS takes such great care and shows so much love to these animals.

They have large cages which open into larger areas and some, if not all, have some type of pool!  Yes, these cats will swim and play in the water!

I love the different markings on their faces!  So exotic and beautiful!

Is this fellow a beauty of what!!!!

This was the position of most of the big cats!  They look very stressful don't they!  HA

This is the male lion but because he has been castrated his mane no longer grows!  Just a little fact I wasn't aware of!  Who knew!
 If you live in the area, you definitely need to take a tour of this rescue.  I'll be posting more pics tomorrow of some bear and monkey!  


  1. Sounds like a very loving and special place. These big cats are amazng and stunning. I did not know about the male mane. What an interesting field trip for you ladies. Looking forward to post 2...

  2. Wow….had no idea there was such a valuable association….what an eye opener….tx’s for sharing!

  3. So glad you posted these pics. I live not so far, but have not visited the facility. I have seen them out at several community events and always admire those who devote themselves to animal rescue! Look forward to your next post.

  4. Gosh I love the big cats. This is a great post. When I worked, I used to buy a Tiger calendar each year to hang in my office. When I needed a moment to relax and destress I could look at my current month picture and be mesmerized for a moment.
    xx, Carol


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