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Thursday, February 23, 2017

And yet another friend....sorta??

You just never know who you'll meet while walking  in the community!  Early one morning I was walking the dogs when Kalee went on high alert!  I thought there was a dog in the neighbors yard but was this!

Yep, it's an Armadillo!!  We had heard they were in the neighborhood doing damage to the lawns.  In fact, we see the damage in Larry's yard!  But we also heard they are nocturnal and you don't see them.  Well, we sure did!

Then, the other day I had the dogs out front and saw movement across the street!  Guess who!  Yep, our friend again!  I ran into the house and had Bob get his phone out to take pictures!  He captured this video and did a great job!

This little guy certainly isn't shy!  And I don't think he knows it's day time!!  So this is the newest 'friend' I've met this year!!!  Let's hope, other than someones dog, I don't meet up with any other animal!  I don't need any more friends!


  1. They move pretty fast. Ugly too.
    Hope Flordia is agreeing with you.
    Enjoy it we are about to go back to winter

  2. They carry leprosy so don't let the dogs touch them. Up to the 90's here in Louisiana you could trap on and bring it to the Hanses's disease center and get $5. They used them to study the disease. I'd you are ever in the area there is a great tour through the old facility. The lepers were not allowed to mix with the general population so the place was guarded and heavily fenced. Families lived there for generations never stepping foot off the property. Last time I was there a few old people were still living on the property.

  3. I never knew they were in Florida! Seems like your's is a neighborhood critter.


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