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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

And another friend!

My  post yesterday showed some great work from a few of my Florida buds!  Today, I'd like to focus on the person who introduced me to Nancy and Beth.  Her name is Kay Sorensen and I know some of my readers already know and follow her blog,  Quilts plus Color!

I actually 'met' Kay in person at a trunk show I did back in February 2012!  You can read about that meeting here.  Kay and I were in a slice project with Tommy (The Material Girl) called To Market. in 2011.   As we talked that first day, we finally realized why our names were familiar!  HA  This was the quilt we each contributed a section on (there were sixteen of us).  We were juried into the IQA show in Huston
This was Kay's section (with her picture that she had replicate on the right)

And my section

So that was our first connection.  After that, Kay invited  me to her house for a lunch and we've been buds every since.

Kay is an artist/dyer extraordinaire!  Last month and thru March 19th, folks living near Keosha, WI will have been and will be able to see Kay's work as she has over 70 "Ice Tapestries and Shibori Quilts" on display at the Anderson Arts Center!  I can't imagine seeing all these pieces in one place!!  I have seen pictures on her blog as well as in a book Kay put together and it is awesome to see her hand dyed and shibori fabrics 'show ready'.
I hope you enjoy seeing just a few pictures of Kay's work here on my post.  Grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine and head over to Kay's blog here and enjoy  seeing all of her creations!  It is inspiring for sure.  And I thank Kay, again, for introducing me to both Nancy and Beth!  You can't beat friends!


  1. A very fitting tribute to Kay….the person who encouraged me to join my very first quilt guild in suburban Chicago way back when! To this day I admire her skills and dedication to quality quilting.

  2. I forgot she had a part in that quilt! Hers is rightnext to mine!

  3. You do have incredibly talented friends and sharing time and tips and ideas can be very inspiring. Super Works of HeArt. <3


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